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Rabbit Hole Recap: 2023 Year In Review

Rabbit Hole Recap: 2023 Year In Review

Dec 28, 2023
Rabbit Hole Recap

Rabbit Hole Recap: 2023 Year In Review

Main Topics

  • Wi-Fi and internet connectivity issues
  • Family and the importance of spending time with loved ones, especially during the holidays
  • The challenges of traveling with young children
  • The nostalgia and changes in New York City
  • The impact of World War II and the importance of spending time with the older generation
  • The banking crisis and the impact on Bitcoin companies
  • The emergence of inscriptions (ordinals) on the Bitcoin network
  • The growth of NOSTR as a decentralized social network
  • The state of Bitcoin mining and predictions for the future
  • The potential impact of ETFs on Bitcoin and the market
  • Reflections on the year 2023 and predictions for the year 2024


The conversation begins with the hosts discussing internet issues which led to a chaotic start for the podcast episode. The main focus of the discussion is on the importance of family, as both hosts share their experiences of spending time with family during the holidays, despite the challenges that come with traveling and sick children. They also touch upon the sentimentality of New York City and how it has changed over time.

Throughout the episode, the hosts reflect on the banking crisis of early 2023, which highlighted the risks associated with third-party custodians and the need for Bitcoin companies to hold a portion of their treasury in Bitcoin. They also discuss the emergence of inscriptions on the Bitcoin network and the implications for miners and the overall network.

NOSTR, a decentralized social network, is highlighted for its significant growth over the year. The hosts also delve into the current state of Bitcoin mining, with discussions on new mining pools, the efficiency of ASIC miners, and the global distribution of hash rate. They speculate on the impact of ETF approvals on Bitcoin and provide a bullish outlook for the year 2024.

The episode concludes with the hosts sharing their personal resolutions for the new year and expressing optimism for the future of Bitcoin and the industry as a whole.

Important Insights

  • The banking crisis underscored the importance of self-custody and the potential risks of centralized financial institutions.
  • Inscriptions (ordinals) have brought attention to the use of block space on the Bitcoin network, raising concerns about spam but also showing potential for miner revenue.
  • NOSTR has seen impressive growth and is fostering a community of developers and users focused on decentralized communication.
  • Bitcoin mining continues to evolve, with discussions on the future of hash rate, the efficiency of new miners, and the political landscape around mining.
  • ETFs are not seen as a direct threat to Bitcoin but could have social and political implications for Bitcoin users.

Software Updates

  • The emergence of new Bitcoin mining pools like Ocean Pool and Demand Pool.
  • Bitmain's announcement of the S21 series of ASIC miners expected to increase the efficiency and hash rate of Bitcoin mining operations.
  • The growth of NOSTR and the development of new clients and applications on the decentralized social network.



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