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Pubkey 2023 Final Final

Dec 28, 2023

Pubkey 2023 Final Final

Pubkey 2023 Final Final

Key Takeaways

The year 2023 in Bitcoin has been a rollercoaster, marked by significant events that have shaped the community and the industry. The collapse of FTX and the subsequent banking crises involving Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate were pivotal moments that highlighted the inherent risks of centralized financial institutions and the importance of Bitcoin's decentralized nature.

The year also saw the rise of ordinals and inscriptions, a new way to attach data to individual satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain, sparking debates about the fungibility of satoshis and the use of blockchain space. The emergence of BRC-20 tokens and the conversation around privacy and anonymity in Bitcoin transactions were also notable.

Mining has been a hot topic, with the network hash rate reaching new highs and nation-states like Russia and China showing increased activity in Bitcoin mining. The discussion around mining pools and the variance risk they manage for miners was also significant, especially with the introduction of new pools like Ocean Pool, which aims to pay miners directly from the coinbase transaction.

Lastly, the anticipation around the approval of Bitcoin ETFs and the potential impact on the market dominated discussions, along with concerns about the centralization of custody and the need for better multi-signature solutions for Bitcoin storage.

Best Quotes

  • "The person who pays for the block space is the rightful owner of the block space."
  • "Bitcoin is a communication protocol. It's a set of rules that computers agree. This is how we communicate."
  • "The ETFs are not noise, it's happening, and it is good. It's going to pump people's bags like, there's going to be a lot of money coming in."
  • "Every great business model is based on a secret."


The year 2023 has been a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the Bitcoin community. Despite numerous challenges, including regulatory pressures and the failure of major industry players, Bitcoin's foundational principles of decentralization and self-sovereignty have been reinforced. The community continues to innovate, with discussions on scaling solutions, privacy enhancements, and the future of mining and custody. As the year draws to a close, the focus turns to the potential approval of Bitcoin ETFs and the continued growth and maturation of the Bitcoin ecosystem.


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