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Holiday Travel, Tether Bending the Knee, and More Data Hacks

Dec 27, 2023
Rabbit Hole Recap

Holiday Travel, Tether Bending the Knee, and More Data Hacks

Holiday Travel, Tether Bending the Knee, and More Data Hacks

Main Topics:

  • Holiday travel and family gatherings
  • Airline experiences, particularly with JSX airline
  • Ordinals and the bitcoin mempool situation
  • OpenSats and Human Rights Foundation bitcoin grants
  • Tether onboarding the US Secret Service and FBI
  • Possible Bitcoin ETF approval and implications
  • Comcast hack affecting 36 million customers
  • Various software updates and releases


The conversation between the Matt and Marty revolves around their holiday experiences, travel, and family time. They discuss the efficiency and convenience of traveling with JSX, an airline that operates under an FAA loophole allowing for a more relaxed travel experience, and share anecdotes about their young children on flights.

A significant portion of the talk is dedicated to the recent developments in the bitcoin space, particularly the ongoing situation with ordinals and the mempool congestion. They delve into the Ocean Pool's announcement of offering different block templates for miners, the implications of this move, and the possibility of the mempool clearing in the future.

They also touch on the recent grants given by OpenSats and the Human Rights Foundation to various bitcoin and Nostr-related projects, as well as opportunities for open-source contributors in the bitcoin ecosystem through programs like Pleb Lab's Top Builder competition and the bitcoin Foss program by Chaincode Labs.

Another key topic is Tether's recent move to onboard the US Secret Service and FBI onto their platform. Matt and Marty speculate on the reasons behind this and discuss the broader implications for the stablecoin industry.

The possibility of a Bitcoin ETF approval is debated, with the speakers dissecting the potential for paper bitcoin creation and the importance of self-custody in protecting against price suppression.

They also mention a recent Comcast hack that compromised the data of 36 million customers and highlight various software updates in the bitcoin space.

Important Insights:

  • Traveling with JSX airline offers a more private and convenient experience, highlighting how traditional airlines might be losing out due to regulatory overreach.
  • The congestion in the bitcoin mempool due to ordinals and BRC-20 transactions may eventually clear, but it has already incentivized users to be more thoughtful about their transactions and consider the importance of lightning channels and UTXO management.
  • The grants provided by OpenSats and the Human Rights Foundation emphasize the growing support and opportunities for open-source contributors in the bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Tether's decision to onboard US federal agencies may be a defensive move to avoid harsher regulatory action, but it also signals a trend towards increased surveillance and control by governments over the crypto space.
  • The debate around the Bitcoin ETF highlights the importance of self-custody and the resilience of bitcoin against potential price suppression tactics used in other markets like gold.
  • The Comcast hack serves as a reminder of the risks associated with centralized service providers and the importance of privacy and security.


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