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Jamie Dimon Wants to Ban Bitcoin: Rabbit Hole Recap 282

Jamie Dimon Wants to Ban Bitcoin: Rabbit Hole Recap 282

Dec 8, 2023
Rabbit Hole Recap

Jamie Dimon Wants to Ban Bitcoin: Rabbit Hole Recap 282

Main topics:

  • Bitcoin and financial markets
  • Bitcoin's bullish setup and macro environment
  • Censorship and surveillance
  • Hardware wallet data privacy
  • Software updates

The conversation revolves around the bullish sentiment in Bitcoin despite high interest rates, the significance of the upcoming Bitcoin halving, and the potential impact of ETF approvals. There's also discussion about censorship on Capitol Hill, with politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Jamie Dimon making statements against Bitcoin. The episode touches upon the intrusion of user privacy by Ledger Live, which is tracking and sending user information to third-party services. The U.S. Treasury's desire to regulate open-source software and node operators as financial institutions is highlighted as a threat to civil liberties. Furthermore, the episode covers the pause in Bitcoin-backed loans to individuals by Unchained Capital, Block's announcement of Bitkey preorders, and Apple's confirmation of government surveillance through push notifications.

Important insights:

  • Bitcoin's price is bullish, and the environment is setting up for positive outcomes, especially with the halving and potential ETF approvals.
  • Censorship and surveillance are critical issues, with the government and corporations tracking and controlling user data and activities.
  • Privacy is crucial when using hardware wallets, and users should be cautious of services like Ledger Live that may compromise their data.
  • The bitcoin community needs to be vigilant and defend the right to use open-source software and maintain self-custody of their assets.
  • There's an ongoing conversation about the role of miners and mining pools in transaction censorship, particularly related to Bitcoin Knots and the exclusion of certain transactions.

Software updates:

  • Bitcoin Core version 26.0 has been released with network improvements and new RPCs.
  • Primal's mobile app has debuted on iOS and Android with a focus on simplicity and accessibility for new Bitcoin users.
  • LND version 0.17.3 beta has been released as a hotfix.
  • Ride the Lightning (RTL) version 0.15.0 beta has been updated for Core Lightning.
  • Pageoin CLI version 0.0.1 Alpha has been released for command-line interaction with Bitcoin Core.
  • Bitcoin Keeper version 1.1.8 has been released with custom Multisig Coin selection features.
  • A back-end course for Lightning app development has been released by Pleb Devs.

The episode closes with a manifesto written by Matt Odell, titled "The Blue Check Manifesto," which emphasizes the importance of using freedom tech tools and rejecting centralized control to maintain individual liberties and privacy.


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