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Bitcoin All Time High Hashrate: Rabbit Hole Recap 283

Bitcoin All Time High Hashrate: Rabbit Hole Recap 283

Dec 14, 2023
Rabbit Hole Recap

Bitcoin All Time High Hashrate: Rabbit Hole Recap 283


The discussion kicked off with a light-hearted exchange about their pre-show routines, which ranged from invigorating workouts to enjoying a burger and beer. The conversation quickly transitioned to the competitive burger scene in Nashville and the nostalgia for New York's burger joints.

The meat of the conversation, however, focused on Bitcoin-related topics. They discussed River Financial's new feature, River Links, which simplifies the process of gifting Bitcoin to others. The feature allows users to send Bitcoin via on-chain transactions or the Lightning Network, even to recipients without a River account.

They also touched upon the recent Ledger security issue, which involved a draining attack affecting Ethereum users. The incident underscored the importance of using non-custodial wallets and separating Bitcoin holdings from other cryptocurrencies.

Key Takeaways

  • River Financial's River Links simplifies Bitcoin gifting, supporting on-chain and Lightning Network transactions.
  • Ledger's recent security issue highlights the risks of custodial wallets and the need for non-custodial solutions.
  • The importance of using non-first-party apps with hardware wallets to reduce the risk of security breaches.
  • The conversation reiterated the belief that Bitcoin's proof of work is a core innovation, making it censorship-resistant and independent of traditional financial systems.
  • Parker Lewis joined Matt and Marty to discuss his new book, Gradually, Then Suddenly

Best Quotes

  • "The burger is the culmination of the ideal food. It's an incredible vehicle."
  • "America needs Bitcoin. Bitcoin doesn't need America."
  • "Proof of work is the core of this whole thing... it is part of the reason why it's enemy number one by all of these suits."
  • "If they can't stop proof of work, they cannot control this market."

The discussion offered a blend of personal anecdotes and insightful commentary on the state of Bitcoin, emphasizing the significance of security and the revolutionary nature of Bitcoin's underlying technology.


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