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405: The Biden Laptop Report with Garrett Ziegler

405: The Biden Laptop Report with Garrett Ziegler

Mar 20, 2023
TFTC Podcast

405: The Biden Laptop Report with Garrett Ziegler

Hunter Biden's laptop has been a topic of scandalous discussion for well over a year now. While most people focus on the degenerate aspects of Hunter's lifestyle researcher Garrett Ziegler took it upon himself to dive deep into the content of the laptop to uncover corruption, interstate felonies, and evidence that the first family was aware that President Biden was suffering from dementia as early as 2018. This is one of the most important episodes of TFTC ever recorded.

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5:26 - Investigating the Biden family
14:53 - Firsthand sources
17:20 - Foreign interests
26:54 - Hunter the political whore
29:31 - Not a democrat/republican issue
34:58 - Legal action against the laptop shop
38:45 - Fake info
41:41 - Plausibility of forgetting the laptop
45:06 - Laundering money through Ukraine VC
48:51 - Joe is the main story
52:28 - IPhone backup
56:33 - What are intentions of the agencies?
58:23 - Joe's dementia
1:01:24 - What can be done
1:05:05 - What Americans should take away
1:07:55 - Secret daughters
1:09:52 - Gerontocracy
1:15:36 - Hope for the future
1:18:16 - International trade
1:22:46 - Climate nonsense
1:26:06 - Truth For The Commoner
1:31:42 - Garrett won't apologize
1:34:24 - Wrap up/plugs



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