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406: Debt-Based Colonialism and Structural Adjustment with Alex Gladstein

406: Debt-Based Colonialism and Structural Adjustment with Alex Gladstein

Mar 20, 2023
TFTC Podcast

406: Debt-Based Colonialism and Structural Adjustment with Alex Gladstein

Many books have been written about the disastrous effects imperial colonialism had on emerging markets in the 19th and 2oth centuries, but not many have been written about the shift from overt kinetic colonialism toward financial colonialism. In this rip of TFTC Alex Gladstein describes how France has financially colonized over a dozen countries in Africa with the CFA currency, which they have used as a weapon to exert power and siphon off resources from African citizens. The problem of financial colonialism isn't contained to the relationship between France and the African nations it harasses. It extends to the halls of the IMF and World Bank, which use their power and influence to burden emerging markets with unpayable debt that prevents them from getting ahead economically.

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5:26 - In town for SXSW talking about CFA franc
10:06 - Colonial exploitation
17:21 - Transfer of control of energy
19:51 - Outsourcing the cost
28:24 - The unrecorded losses
36:38 - Structural Adjustment
42:36 - What it could look like without the current system
49:32 - Double standard
52:51 - Bitcoin fixes this
1:01:13 - No political solution
1:04:16 - Odious debt
1:10:10 - Biological effect of wage deflation
1:12:30 - Bitcoin fixes this - again
1:20:00 - Wrapping up



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