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404: Breaking the Binary Frame with Konstantin Kisin

404: Breaking the Binary Frame with Konstantin Kisin

Mar 20, 2023
TFTC Podcast

404: Breaking the Binary Frame with Konstantin Kisin

Konstantin Kisin is a comedian and co-host of the TRIGGERnometry podcast. While much of the world has been driven to a place of deep polarization, Konstantin attempts to drive the conversation to other areas and highlight that the binary choices that are laid before you in the mainstream are not the only choices one has.

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6:06 - Thinking beyond the crowd
9:08 - The democratic response to Covid
14:57 - The next few years will shape the next half century
20:05 - Flaws in Bitcoin
27:13 - Escaping the Current Thing dichotomy
32:24 - Generational differences
36:51 - Calming the urgency to assess
45:51 - Comedy
49:41 - State of the UK
51:21 - People are tiring of woke culture
52:54 - Ukraine
1:04:54 - Baltic history
1:09:00 - Hong Kong
1:11:13 - Dangers of nihilism
1:16:21 - Plugs and wrapping up



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