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414: The Dollar Endgame is here with Peruvian Bull

Apr 25, 2023
TFTC Podcast

414: The Dollar Endgame is here with Peruvian Bull

414: The Dollar Endgame is here with Peruvian Bull

We're about 80 years into the dollar reserve system that was put in place during the Bretton Woods meeting after World War II ended and we are rapidly approaching the end of the dollar's reign. Triffin's dilemma has played its course and the US finds itself in a position where the only way it can pay back the debt it's accrued is to print an unfathomable amount of money. Peruvian Bull joins the show to walk us through the history of the dollar's reign as reserve currency and how it may come tumbling down this decade.

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12:01 - Starting out writing on Reddit
17:48 - Is the dollar currently in its endgame?
23:02 - Weaponizing dollar against Russia hurt US
25:19 - Past the debt event horizon
33:45 - Bitcoin reserve
36:21 - Will BRICS BUCS gain traction?
41:06 - A great opportunity for bitcoiners
44:01 - Nations missing the Bitcoin bus
49:40 - Converting individuals to Bitcoin
52:02 - Why Latin America understands intuitively
58:42 - Suffering in the streets
1:00:51 - Price post-hyperbitcoinization
1:03:57 - Societal impact of hyperbitcoinization
1:10:24 - The next 3 months
1:17:01 - technical difficulties
1:17:59 - Dollar losing network effect
1:21:42 - Plugs



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