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Issue #1335: We live in an era bereft of accountability

Issue #1335: We live in an era bereft of accountability

Apr 24, 2023
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1335: We live in an era bereft of accountability

Accountability. It's important. Unfortunately for those of us alive in 2023, accountability is a concept that has become foreign. For some reason or another it seems that every part of our society has devolved into a realm where people aren't expected to be held accountable for their actions. There are certainly some of us who would like others to be held accountable and do our best to hold ourselves accountable when it's necessary, but the culture has completely shifted to normalize mediocrity, decay and outright theft.

Again, this is happening at every layer of society at the moment. The politicians at the top can use insider information to bolster their personal wealth with impunity. The President of the United States can tap leaders in the intelligence community to co-sign a letter built on pure lies to win an election without a peep from the mainstream media apparatus. That same President can be so visibly mentally impaired that he is the laughingstock of the world, yet his handlers attempt to make us not believe our own eyes by pretending that he is fully with it. The government, media and pharma industry can fear monger people into getting an experimental technology injected into their bloodstream with deadly consequences without so much as an admission of guilt. The Federal Reserve, in conjunction with the Treasury Department, can mismanage monetary policy and debt issuance to the point that a wave of inflation not seen in decades and totally predictable bank failures can wash across the country without so much as an inkling of introspection. The quality of the public schooling system can degrade to a point where it can't even produce children with basic literacy and math competency without any material push back. And people can loot and pillage stores, walking out with hundreds of dollars worth of goods without ever having to fear that they will be apprehended by law enforcement.

It's chaos out there, freaks. And it all stems from the fact that our society has made the conscious decision to refuse to hold anyone accountable for their actions. The results of this conscious decision can be seen everywhere in the form of a rapid erosion in civility that makes it extremely hard for good people to be productive and for the world to make genuine progress. If we are to begin fixing anything in this world it will have to begin with a movement that strives to hold everyone accountable. This movement will have to start at the individual level. People will have to hold themselves accountable for their own actions and decisions via extreme ownership. Only from there can they begin to attempt to hold others accountable.

This is why bitcoin is so important in today's world. Bitcoin demands extreme ownership. It demands that people develop the skills and personal responsibility to not only secure their own wealth, but to steward it throughout time by making calculated capital allocation decisions in their every day lives. Sats lost on bad decisions will be sats that are hard to get back. Furthermore, bitcoin is a forcing function for accountability. Those in politics, economics and finance who have become completely unaccountable are allowed to do so in large part because of their access to the money printer. If you take the money printer away there is no other option but accountability. These people will be forced to deal with the consequences of their actions and if enough bad consequences pile up they will be forced to course correct or risk being replace by more competent individuals.

Only once more people begin holding themselves accountable will there be a chance for those who would like to demand accountability from those in power and other members of their community to actually do so. A great way to get started on this journey is to take accountability over your financial sovereignty via bitcoin.

Final thought...

Back to your regularly scheduled Bent's. Needed some time away from the keyboard.

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