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Issue #1336: They're telling you to have fun staying poor

Issue #1336: They're telling you to have fun staying poor

Apr 26, 2023
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1336: They're telling you to have fun staying poor

If you couldn't tell by now, those who have control over the most important tool you use on a day-to-day basis (money) are actively trying to convince you that you need to accept the fact that they are actively making that tool less useful. You "need to accept" that you are poorer because they have decided that the only way to keep society as we know it functioning is to debase your ability to save and allocate capital throughout the economy with any sense of certainty.

This comment from the Bank of England may seem like an overt acknowledgement that a central bank has complete control over your purchasing power, because it is. But like many things in this world, it is a double edged sword. By openly acknowledging that they have the ability to determine - via monetary policy - the worth of the currency you save in, they (the central banks) are admitting that there is a leverage point of control. Right now, that control exists in the access to the money spigots that central banks can decide to turn on and off on a whim. The whim determined by whatever they feel is necessary at any given point in time. And, typically, what you'll find is that what they find to be most necessary at any particular moment is dictated by who is closest to the monetary spigot. By who will take the liquidity injection, turn around, and bend the knee to the powers that be and reciprocate the injection with loyalty to their godless mission to continuing the efforts to dull the utility and power of the currency in an effort to subjugate the masses.

This is all one big humiliation ritual and from what your Uncle Marty can tell these people are seeing how far they can push people. We've officially reached the point where central bankers are openly telling people that they can "have fun staying poor" because they earnestly believe that there is nothing the common man can do to fight back against their ability to devalue the money whenever they see fit. Unfortunately for them, the common man does have a tool to fight back against their incessant devaluation of the predominant currencies of the day; bitcoin. Fortunately for them, most people have been psyop'd into believing that bitcoin is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme in the digital world.

Which brings us to the crux of the issue; how do we shake enough people awake to realize they are being unecessarily humiliated in real time by the select few men who have their dirty paws around the spigots of money creation and that a solution exists in bitcoin? Are efforts better spent highlighting the corruption of the incumbent system? Is it better to highlight the benefits of bitcoin? Is it a combination of both?

I won't pretend to know the answer to these questions, but I do know one thing for certain; we live in a complete ass backwords world and I don't care how people arrive at the conclusion that they are being openly humiliated by those in power right now. They just need to get there. If they don't they'll be doomed to a life of unwitting humiliation that no living being should be subjected to.

Final thought...

Normalize Sunday night board games around a dinner table.

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