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409: Discussing Value 4 Value with the Podfather, Adam Curry

409: Discussing Value 4 Value with the Podfather, Adam Curry

Apr 5, 2023
TFTC Podcast

409: Discussing Value 4 Value with the Podfather, Adam Curry

Adam Curry is on a mission to ensure that information remains free in the Digital Age. Adam is known as the Podfather due to the fact that he co-invented the medium of podcasting with Dave Winer in the early 2000s and he is still iterating on his creation today via Podcasting 2.0, which injects bitcoin lightning addresses into podcast RSS feeds that enables listeners to support their favorite creators directly in sats. In this rip Adam explains the ethos behind the value 4 value model and how it can create better, more open content mediums on the web.

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8:57 - Opening Riff
14:51 - Information Freedom
18:57 - Bitcoin responsibility and remembering your keys
24:19 - Patriot Act 2.0 and thinking local
28:25 - Mining and energy
38:30 - Trans politics and transhumanism
52:41 - Nostr
55:50 - v4v
1:08:43 - Joe Rogan
1:13:23 - Go make children
1:15:50 - Modern dating
1:18:08 - Comedy mothership
1:21:22 - Elon, CBDCs and AI
1:33:27 - Habla
1:36:00 - Self hosting and running nodes
1:38:56 - v4v electric boogaloo
1:46:29 - Thank God for Bitcoin
1:54:59 - No Agenda
1:58:59 - These timestamps took a lot of condensing
2:00:11 - Drugs, digital and pharmaceutical
2:08:05 - v4v thunderdome
2:29:12 - Truth For The Commoner
2:30:56 - Meetups
2:30:58 - We're gonna win



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