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410: The Fed Is Trying To Bring Down The European Banks with Tom Luongo

410: The Fed Is Trying To Bring Down The European Banks with Tom Luongo

Apr 7, 2023
TFTC Podcast

410: The Fed Is Trying To Bring Down The European Banks with Tom Luongo

In this rip, Tom Luongo discusses the global macroeconomic landscape and the Fed's impact on the European banking system. Tom suggests that the European banking system's long-term survival is in question as the Fed is dead set on curbing the Davos class's attempt to maintain their control on the West. He also discusses the need for clear communication about the shadow banking system. Beyond that, Tom touches on Bitcoin's potential to bring trust back to society and its role in rational monetary policy and banking systems. The episode ends on the topic of the intentional manipulation of the Bitcoin market through futures contracts and the importance of holding Bitcoin in self-custody.

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8:14 - What the hell is going on?
13:08 - Communicating ideas
20:04 - Intentions of the Fed and big American banks
31:39 - Europe in trouble as rates raise
38:41 - Pivot to BRICS
42:20 - FEMA
47:52 - Keeping a finger on the pulse
51:03 - Multi-vector attack on America
55:36 - Trump's indictment and the need for trust
58:37 - Tom's take on Bitcoin
1:02:01 - Stablecoins
1:04:48 - Can the Fed fix what they've created?
1:15:17 - Shaping reality with headlines
1:17:08 - Credit where credit is due
1:20:03 - The Fed on Bitcoin and crypto
1:25:06 - Congealed energy
1:28:51 - Keep your eggs in more baskets



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