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408: The Truth About Renewable Energy with Brian Gitt

408: The Truth About Renewable Energy with Brian Gitt

Apr 5, 2023
TFTC Podcast

408: The Truth About Renewable Energy with Brian Gitt

Brian Gitt spent two decades in the solar power industry before deciding to jump ship because of the logical inconsistencies he experienced. Brian now spends his time trying to educate individuals about the nuances of power generation and how many in the "renewables" sector mislead consumers and politicians to get massive subsidies while producing little value. In this episode Brian explains the tradeoffs of renewable energy that are often overlooked, the importance of nuclear energy, and the infeasability of hydrogen fuel.

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5:23 - California emissions and electric cars
14:08 - Material supply for EVs
16:21 - California's oil hypocrisy
21:15 - EGS mandates don't preserve environment or help human life
27:06 - Nuclear safety
32:48 - Small modular reactors
48:52 - Wind and solar subsidies
52:52 - Ranting on batteries
55:08 - Unreliable and inefficient renewables
1:04:05 - Top down ideological policy
1:09:27 - Regulations are the root of the problem
1:14:11 - Questioning beliefs and educating
1:19:25 - Money and energy are the backbone
1:25:23 - Speaking out
1:29:56 - Plugs, wrapping up



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