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We Are at the "Loot the Treasury" Stage of Empire Collapse

We Are at the "Loot the Treasury" Stage of Empire Collapse

Nov 29, 2023
Marty's Ƀent

We Are at the "Loot the Treasury" Stage of Empire Collapse

In case you haven't noticed, the US government is currently robbing the citizenry blind by - quite literally - looting the treasury in broad daylight. This is something we've covered over the course of the last six months and I won't bore you with too much opining and redundant chatter about what is happening. That is already abundantly clear; the US government is on a debt binge that would make a Tranq addict slumped over under the Frankford El blush. However, we will share this chart produced by EJ Antoni earlier today as a quick reminder of the parabolic curve that is the chart of the interest expense on US national debt, which is quickly approaching $34 TRILLION.

Overt theft of current and future generations. The Keynesian brain rot that has led to the normalization of the phrases like "debt is only money we owe ourselves" and "we can always issue more debt" has sent us down a path of ruin. And the extremely sad thing about this path to ruin is that the destination isn't something that is finally reached at the end of the path, it materializes along the journey.

Earlier this week we started an Inflation Tracker page here at TFTC in an effort to keep up with and highlight the struggle and pain the Common Man is feeling as the negative consequences of inflation become completely inescapable. Over the course of this year it has been astonishing to witness the amount of videos of people in their cars, walking through the grocery store, or sitting at their kitchen tables in visible distress because of how expensive everything has become and how bleak their futures seem.

Inflation Tracker: Delivery Costs Have Exploded
Inflation is everywhere.

Even though there is plenty of video evidence of people experiencing immense amounts of stress, many will snark and claim that these anecdotes aren't indicative of the overall economy and many of the people who are posting are simply looking for engagement on the internet. If you ever encounter any of these "wElL aCkShUaLlY" mouth breathers in the wild, show them this chart:

Deaths of despair, whether that be via suicide or drug overdose have been absolutely exploding and it is pretty clear that the disorder introduced to society via the accelerated rise in the cost of living is at the core of this problem.

via Sam Callahan

The people at the helm of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government are wholly responsible for this crime against humanity. They are, quite literally, criminals who operate on a different plane; the higher tier in the two-tiered justice system that we find ourselves living within. They commit war crimes, take taxpayer money and funnel it to cronies, erect agencies that slow down the free market and introduce utterly insane things like the food pyramid and the COVID vaccine, travel on planes with notorious child sex trafficker/political blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein, and stand in front of the world and tell straight up lies every single day.

Despite all of this, there are people who think it is necessary to bend over backwards to appease these people and their demands. Especially in the bitcoin industry. There is a large cohort of bitcoiners who believe that "regulatory clarity" is a good and necessary thing that will cause number to go up. We just need to convince the criminals to write some laws and guidelines that will allow us to use bitcoin with some peace of mind. This is the completely wrong strategy in my opinion. Bitcoin works perfectly as is and is the regulation the world actually needs right now. Bitcoin regulates its strict monetary policy every ten minutes. The assurance that bitcoin's monetary policy is and will remain in unperturbed is what will increase the quality of life for everyone who uses it. There is no government blessing needed to enable this.

By asking for regulatory clarity bitcoiners are welcoming the wolf into the sheep's pen. That "clarity" will come in the form of, "Oh it's pretty clear that the government views bitcoin as a systemic threat to its criminal empire and is actively doing everything it can to neuter it."

It's time to swim in the opposite direction and begin telling the criminals that we will not put up with their egregious extortion and fear tactics any longer.

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Thomas Jefferson

By bending over and asking for regulatory clarity you are failing to meet your obligation as a US citizen to disobey the unjust laws enacted by a vile class. This may come off as a crazy idea, and I can already see those of you reading this either; chuckling and mumbling under your breath, "What a naive and idealist fool.", or uttering something like, "That's too radical of a position." But the truth of the matter is the writing on the wall is pretty clear. The government very much likes its criminal empire fueled by their ability to issue debt and print money at will. The government does not think anyone will hold it accountable and feels comfortable getting away with literal murder. And bitcoin completely neuters their ability to fuel their criminal empire.

No amount of "regulatory clarity" will change those facts. It will only give the criminals in government the perception of legal cover to attack the bitcoin network and the individuals who choose to use it.

The winning strategy is civil disobedience, relentless ridicule, scorn and expressions of disgust that instill confidence in individuals to act on what they know to be true; they are being held hostage by a professional class of criminals.

Final thought...

Let me cook.


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