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Inflation Tracker: The Price Of Everyday Goods Are Skyrocketing

Inflation Tracker: The Price Of Everyday Goods Are Skyrocketing

Dec 19, 2023
Inflation Tracker

Inflation Tracker: The Price Of Everyday Goods Are Skyrocketing

Inflation is everywhere. We will be updating the tracker daily with anecdotes and headlines highlighting the inflation people are experiencing in the real world.

Don't worry, the CPI says inflation is coming down.

Even with the guac, this is a bit outrageous.

If you thought sitting in traffic on your way to a job that barely enables you to live paycheck to paycheck was bad enough, I've got some news for you... it just got worse. People commuting into New York City will now be forced to pay materially higher toll costs.

Supply can't keep up with demand in ammo markets, exacerbating the ammo shortage.

Shrinkflation is becoming more noticeable and people are still misdiagnosing the inflation problem and pinning it on corporations who are reacting to increased input costs on their end driven by money printing.

Yes. You read that correctly. The cost of Disney+ is up 100% since 2020.

With national debt on the rise and tax receipts falling, the government is raising property taxes to collect, and further inflating rents.

Do you think this trend will have a positive or negative effect on inflation?

I wonder what is causing "the patterns" to change.

Just How Bad Is the US Cost of Living Squeeze? We Did the Math
Prices of nearly everything — from rent to groceries to utilities — remain far higher than before the pandemic

The current economic landscape has been marked by fluctuations in prices, creating waves of uncertainty among consumers and businesses alike. Inflation, an indicator of rising prices, has become a significant concern for individuals and industries globally. In this article, we delve into the concept of an inflation tracker, its significance, and how it aids in understanding economic trends.

What is the Inflation Tracker?

The inflation tracker serves as a tool to monitor and measure changes in the general price level of goods and services over a specific period. It enables economists, policymakers, businesses, and the public to assess the rate at which prices are rising and the subsequent impact on purchasing power. TFTC's inflation tracker is currently gathering anecdotal evidence of individuals being affected by inflation in their everyday lives as well as headlines that highlight changes in inflation.

Significance of Tracking Inflation

Tracking inflation is crucial as it provides valuable insights into the health of an economy. A steady, controlled rate of inflation is generally healthy for economic growth. However, rapid inflation can erode the value of money, decrease consumer spending power, and disrupt financial planning for individuals and businesses.

Methods of Tracking Inflation

Several methods are employed to track inflation. The Consumer Price Index (CPI), Producer Price Index (PPI), and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) deflator are commonly used metrics. Each method focuses on different baskets of goods and services, enabling a comprehensive view of inflation across various sectors of the economy. These inflation trackers are easily manipulated by the government to push the narrative that things are better than they actually are. Chapwood Index and Shadow Stats are much more accurate inflation indices. TFTC will produce an inflation index in the future.

Impact of Inflation on Consumers

Inflation affects consumers in diverse ways. As prices rise, the cost of living escalates, impacting households’ budgets. Essential expenses like housing, food, and transportation become pricier, thereby reducing discretionary income and altering spending patterns.

Business Implications of Inflation

For businesses, inflation can pose challenges in multiple facets. Rising costs of raw materials and production inputs can squeeze profit margins. Additionally, uncertainty in pricing makes long-term planning and investment decisions more complex, affecting growth strategies.

The Role of an Inflation Tracker

The TFTC inflation tracker serves as a compass for our audience to see what is actually happening throughout the economy as it pertains to the affects of inflation so that you can make informed decisions. By analyzing inflation trends, stakeholders can devise strategies to mitigate risks, adjust personal spending policies, and develop pricing models that align with actual economic conditions.


Inflation tracking is an indispensable tool in comprehending economic dynamics. Understanding the nuances of inflation and its impact on consumers and businesses is crucial in navigating through periods of economic uncertainty. By staying informed and proactive in response to inflation trends, individuals and organizations can better safeguard their financial interests and adapt to changing market conditions. 


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