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OpenSats Announces Extended Support for Key Nostr Contributors Stuart Bowman and hzrd149

OpenSats Announces Extended Support for Key Nostr Contributors Stuart Bowman and hzrd149

Apr 16, 2024

OpenSats Announces Extended Support for Key Nostr Contributors Stuart Bowman and hzrd149

OpenSats, a non-profit organization committed to supporting open-source developers in the Bitcoin and freedom technology, has announced the provision of long-term support (LTS) to two key developers within the nostr ecosystem, Stuart Bowman and hrzd149.

Stuart Bowman is recognized as the lead developer and maintainer of Satellite Earth, a nostr client and CDN server designed for self-sovereign communities. The aim of Satellite Earth is to fortify the nostr network by empowering the communities it comprises. Bowman commented on the support, "Honored to be in such company," expressing his gratitude for the recognition and support of his work on Nostr.

In parallel, hrzd149, the creator of NoStrudel and Blossom, has also been granted LTS by OpenSats. NoStrudel is a web-based nostr client that provides an in-depth exploration of the nostr protocol, while Blossom focuses on streamlining the storage and management of digital files within the nostr network. Hrzd149 shared his enthusiasm and gratitude: "So grateful to OpenSats for the opportunity to work on nostr full time... This nostr journey has truly been life changing."

OpenSats emphasizes the importance of free and open-source software, considering it vital for the future of the internet and the world at large. The organization's LTS program is funded by donations, and OpenSats has appealed to the public to consider contributing to The Nostr Fund to aid in the continued support of developers like Bowman and hrzd149.

As of now, both developers are set to continue their work on advancing the nostr ecosystem. Bowman will focus on various components of the Satellite Stack, including public and private nodes, control panels, desktop applications, and CDN servers. Hrzd149 will further develop noStrudel, adding support for nostr nests and enhancing Blossom with additional features for file hosting.

The LTS program by OpenSats represents a significant step in supporting the individuals who are building and maintaining the open-source infrastructure critical to the Bitcoin and Nostr ecosystem's growth. The future implications of this support include the anticipated enhancement of the nostr network's functionality, diversity, and value, as well as the potential for increased adoption of open-source, censorship-resistant technologies.

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