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How to Set Up and Use Mutiny Wallet

How to Set Up and Use Mutiny Wallet

Jan 3, 2024
Bitcoin Basics

How to Set Up and Use Mutiny Wallet


Mutiny Wallet is a non-custodial, fully automated lightning wallet for mobile devices with Nostr integrations, bypassing the need for the app store due to its nature as a progressive web app. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use Mutiny Wallet. Created by BTC Sessions host Ben, it includes shoutouts to various Bitcoin-related services and products, which can enhance your Bitcoin experience.


Before starting, it is beneficial to have some knowledge about sending and receiving Bitcoin transactions on both the regular Bitcoin network and the Lightning Network. Additionally, knowing how to obtain Bitcoin is essential. You should also be familiar with Nostr, a decentralized social media platform with Bitcoin lightning integration, if you wish to use this feature.


  1. Access the Website:
    • Go to on your mobile device.
  2. Install the App:
    • Click the "Use Mutiny" button.
    • This redirects you to
    • Install as a progressive web app:
      • On Android, click the three dots in the browser and select "Install App."
      • On iPhone, look for the "Add to Home Screen" option.
    • Confirm installation and close the browser.
  3. Open Mutiny App:
    • Locate the app on your home screen and open it.
  4. Backup Wallet:
    • Tap "Secure Your Funds" and follow the instructions to write down your 12-word seed phrase.
    • Ensure the words are written accurately and stored securely.
  5. Optional Password Protection:
    • You can add a password to encrypt your seed phrase for additional security.
  • Main Screen Overview:
    • Displays two balances: on-chain balance and off-chain (Lightning Network) balance.
    • Includes options to send, receive, and swap between on-chain and Lightning funds.
    • Access the QR scanner and settings from the top right corner.
    • View transaction history and provide feedback.
  • Settings Menu:
    • Customize wallet features like local currency, wallet connections (such as Nostr), and access the emergency toolkit.

Funding Your Wallet

  1. Receive Funds via Lightning:
    • Tap "Receive" and set an amount of 50,000 sats or more.
    • A setup fee will be deducted for channel creation.
    • Use another Lightning-enabled wallet to send funds to the Mutiny wallet. If you buy bitcoin via an exchange, they may enable you to send via Lightning.
  2. Receive Funds On-Chain:
    • Follow a similar process as above but send funds from an on-chain Bitcoin wallet.
    • Once confirmed, you can swap to Lightning if desired.

Sending Payments

  1. Send Lightning Payment:
    • Tap "Send" and use the QR scanner or paste an invoice to send a Lightning payment.
  2. Send On-Chain Payment:
    • Similar to Lightning payments, but use an on-chain Bitcoin address.
    • The option is only available if you have an on-chain balance.

Nostr Integration

  • Sync Nostr Contacts:
    • Go to settings and add your Nostr public identifier (nPub).
    • Sync contacts to pay Nostr users directly from Mutiny.
  • Nostr Wallet Connect:
    • Set up auto-approvals for payments related to Nostr activity.
    • Set a budget and frequency for these auto-approvals.


  • Restore Wallet:
    • If needed, go to settings and select "Restore."
    • Enter your 12-word seed phrase to recover your wallet and funds.

Final Thoughts

Mutiny Wallet is working towards the goal of making the Lightning Network more user-friendly and accessible. It is still in the early stages, so users may encounter bugs, but the wallet is a promising tool for those seeking a non-custodial solution to manage their Bitcoin funds.


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