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Jack Dorsey's #startsmall Donates $21 Million to OpenSats

Jack Dorsey's #startsmall Donates $21 Million to OpenSats

May 4, 2024

Jack Dorsey's #startsmall Donates $21 Million to OpenSats

OpenSats, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting open-source development, has received a substantial donation from #startsmall, the philanthropic initiative founded by Jack Dorsey. The $21 million contribution aims to augment OpenSats' efforts in fostering technology that promotes freedom and open-source projects.

OpenSats detailed the allocation of the funds in a recent announcement, indicating that $15 million will enhance its General Fund, another $5 million will be dedicated to The Nostr Fund—a decentralized social network protocol—and the remaining $1 million will support the organization's operational budget.

OpenSats expressed deep gratitude for the donation, stating, "We are honored and humbled to receive such a generous donation. We will do our best to continually allocate the funds to high-impact projects and freedom tech infrastructure."

With a track record of allocating nearly $10 million in grants to over 100 grantees, many of whom receive long-term support, OpenSats underscored the importance of philanthropic contributions to its mission. The organization encouraged other philanthropists to contribute, emphasizing the role of donations from the public and foundations such as the Reynolds Foundation in sustaining its charitable work.

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