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Bitdeer Expands Bitcoin Mining Capacity in Ohio

Bitdeer Expands Bitcoin Mining Capacity in Ohio

Jun 28, 2024
Bitcoin Mining

Bitdeer Expands Bitcoin Mining Capacity in Ohio

Bitcoin miner and data center operator Bitdeer has entered into a 30-year lease agreement with the Monroe County Port Authority (MCPA) to secure an additional 570 megawatts (MW) of power capacity at the Hannibal Industrial Park in Clarington, Ohio. This strategic partnership is set to enhance Bitdeer's global power capacity to 2.5 gigawatts (GW), as announced in a press release.

As reported by TheMinerMag, the expansion is expected to begin with an initial 266 MW of power coming online in the third quarter of 2025. The remaining 304 MW is under review and pending formal incorporation into the regional transmission planning process.

Linghui Kong, Chief Business Officer at Bitdeer, expressed optimism about the expansion, noting, "The strategic location of the Hannibal Industrial Park, combined with its ready-to-use infrastructure, significantly expands our existing power capacity and supports our growth ambitions in Bitcoin mining and HPC and AI."

As per the company's 2023 annual report and recent press releases, Bitdeer's operational power capacity, which includes locations in Bhutan, Norway, and the U.S., totaled 895 MW as of February 29. An additional 575 MW was under construction, with 500 MW more in the planning stages before the Monroe County lease brought the company's total power capacity to over 2.6 GW.

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