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OpenSats Announces 5th Wave of Bitcoin Grants

OpenSats Announces 5th Wave of Bitcoin Grants

Jul 2, 2024

OpenSats Announces 5th Wave of Bitcoin Grants

OpenSats, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the development of free and open-source software (FOSS) in the Bitcoin ecosystem, has revealed its latest round of Bitcoin grants. The announcement marks the organization's 5th wave of financial support, extending funding to an additional 10 Bitcoin projects.

OpenSats expressed enthusiasm for the new grants: "As we enter the 5th Bitcoin epoch, OpenSats is proud to announce our 5th wave of Bitcoin grants. While Bitcoin continues its journey of increasingly embedding itself into global institutional finance and public markets, we must not forget that behind these notable milestones are hardworking, passionate individuals who dedicate their time and energy to writing and maintaining free and open-source Bitcoin software."

The projects selected for the latest funding round include a variety of initiatives aimed at strengthening and expanding the Bitcoin network and its associated technologies. Among the grantees are:

  • Core Lightning Bookkeeper Dashboard: A user interface to visualize the financial data of a node on the Core Lightning network.
  • Cove: A single-sig mobile wallet designed to work seamlessly with hardware signing devices.
  • Fedimint On-Chain Gateway & RBF: A project enhancing the efficiency of exiting from mints via on-chain transactions.
  • Krux: Open-source firmware that allows the creation of a Bitcoin signing device from readily available parts.
  • Krux Installer: A desktop application facilitating the easy and secure installation of the Krux firmware.
  • Lightning Network Protocol Test Framework: A framework providing a reusable platform for testing proposed Lightning Network protocol changes.
  • Macadamia: A native iOS wallet for the Cashu Chaumian eCash protocol.
  • Tor Support for BDK & Fedimint: Enhancements to the Bitcoin Development Kit and Fedimint for improved privacy through Tor network integration.
  • Utreexo: A project leveraging Merkle trees to create a compact and efficient structure for Bitcoin node data.
  • Validating Lightning Signer: An initiative aimed at enhancing the security of the Lightning Network by separating the management of "hot" bitcoin keys.

The grants are sourced from OpenSats' General Fund, which relies on the donations of supporters. OpenSats emphasizes the importance of community contributions, stating, "Donations to OpenSats are 100% passed through to freedom tech developers, and are tax-deductible for all donors."

OpenSats has been an active supporter of Bitcoin development projects, with previous funding announcements made in February of this year and during the last year in December, August, and July. The organization encourages developers engaged in projects that align with its mission to apply for funding.

The current state of this funding initiative highlights OpenSats' ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and security within the Bitcoin network. The implications of this support are far-reaching, potentially aiding in the widespread adoption and technological advancement of Bitcoin as a decentralized financial system.

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