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Issue #487: Racing into the future

Issue #487: Racing into the future

May 20, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #487: Racing into the future

Living during the Information Age is going to be a dizzying experience for a lot of people. Especially those who have one foot in the pre-Internet era and the other begrudgingly placed in the present. As technology continues to progress, we're seeing the emergence of things like video deep fakes and speech synthesis which will serve to confuse the masses at some point in the future. Getting to a point where we may no longer be able to trust that anything we see on TV or the Internet hasn't been manufactured by some AI or nefarious actor. Pretty heavy shit.

This new reality will dictate that individuals form strong bonds with their family, friends, and neighbors in meat space. Building webs of trust and using these networks for quality information sourcing to escape the confusion of the mass-produced news spoon fed to the populace. Hopefully, this will lead to stronger bonds at a local-level and force individuals to think more critically and become more self-sufficient. Though, I'm sure there will be much reluctance from many people who are too set in their ways.

We stand in the midst of a societal confusion that seems as if it is only going to get worse as technologies like the ones mentioned above begin to proliferate and become ubiquitous. Deep faking is slowly becoming a trend on social media as Snapchat continues to perfect their technology, making it so anyone can turn into someone else by centering their face with their cell phone camera. This is all used in jest now, but imagine when this is leveraged by someone pretending to be a world leader who wants to incite violence or a news castor sharing a breaking story that never really happened. Things will only be getting weirder and the cloud of confusion hovering around the world will get thicker as we attempt to discern between reality and manufactured realism.

Self-sufficiency and a tight network of people you trust will be imperative in a future where these things become more commonplace. We like to say that you want to have Bitcoin before you need it because if you don't have it before then it will be too late. The same can be said for a future of deep fakes, voice synthesis, and autonomous drone fleets. You want to be prepared with a strong network before this stuff ramps up.

Have you talked to your neighbor recently?

Real dominance

Here's a great chart from our friend Ceteris Paribus that highlights Bitcoin's dominance when it comes to fees paid to miners. As you freaks can see, Bitcoin is far and away the dominant chain when compared to the affinity scams created in its wake.

It will be interesting to see how this chart changes as Bitcoin's brand recognition grows and if Ethereum ever follows through with their transition to Proof of Stake.

Final thought...

Very high-quality rooftop chilling + grilling session for ya boi yesterday. Very content with my Sunday.


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