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Issue #486: The athletes are coming

Issue #486: The athletes are coming

May 17, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #486: The athletes are coming

Uncle Marty has been noticing a rising trend in the sports world, athletes (mainly NFL + NBA players in my observations) asking to be paid in Bitcoin. Uncle Marty likes this trend.

Hate it or love it, athletes are kings of culture in the modern age. To many, they serve as idols that sit on pinnacles to be strived for. Seeing players like Russell Okung and Matt Barkley (among many others I'm sure) straight up asking to be paid in Bitcoin is an incredible sight to see. And, frankly, this demographic is perfect for Bitcoin; young men with ungodly amounts of disposable/investable income to speculate with. It makes a lot of sense that, as players become cognizant of Bitcoin and its advantages, they would want to acquire some. Even if it's for shits and gigs.

Hopefully, Bitcoin will be a vehicle which helps curb the high-time-preference culture that has permeated sports for decades.

As more and more athletes begin to demand to receive a portion of their paychecks in BTC, this will naturally draw in people who idolize them. Forcing Bitcoin to the top of people's minds, having them wonder what this thing is all about. Inciting curiosity and driving traffic to educational content about Bitcoin (maybe).

The kings of clout are beginning to show up. Slowly but surely, Bitcoin continues to ingratiate itself into our culture. Digging its roots deeper into the psyche of the masses, potentially past the point of no return.

The only question that remains:

Final thought...

Song of the morning.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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