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Issue #1352: Here's a periodic reminder that you live in a two-tiered society

Issue #1352: Here's a periodic reminder that you live in a two-tiered society

Jun 19, 2023
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1352: Here's a periodic reminder that you live in a two-tiered society

The dominant power structure of the world is currently run by a bunch of criminals who have the ability to do what they want with impunity.

In 2008 the banks took on so much risk that they incited a global economic slowdown, begged for bailouts, and received them in relatively short order. The American taxpayers footed the bill through direct fiscal spending and a debasement of their purchasing power via QE, which served to enrich the banks who drove the economy to the brink.

A few years later, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks did some good ole fashioned journalism, exposed war crimes that the US military committed in Iraq, and he was sent into exile for years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London before being thrown in a cage and mentally tortured where he remains to this day.

Along the way politicians in the US used insider information they possessed due to their proximity to policy decisions to place bets in the stock market to enrich themselves and their families. Earlier this year a bill was presented (the ETHICS Act) that would prohibit Congress from leveraging their insider knowledge to trade stocks. However, it does not seem that any of the supposed civil servants will have to return any of the money they made from gaming the system for decades.

The hot topic on the Internet this week is a call for a debate between presidential hopeful Bobby Kennedy and Dr. Peter Hotez over vaccine safety. On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience RFK and Joe called out the insanity of the COVID vaccine rollout and the injuries and deaths it has caused over the last few years, which Dr. Hotez was aggressively pushing on mainstream media. Dr. Hotez has declined the debate by saying that he is an expert on the matter and will not dignify the ramblings of a crack pot conspiracy theorist. This is a bit disconcerting considering the constant barrage of shilling of the big pharma wares from Dr. Hotez across mainstream media over the last three years. If you roll the tapes, his shilling shape shifted considerably as it became abundantly clear to anyone with a single brain cell that the vaccines were not working.

These are but a few examples of countless I could rattle off to highlight the absurdity and shamelessness of those who operate above the law. And yet, for some reason or another, we find ourselves immersed in a hyper polarized world in which those who act criminally with impunity at the highest layers of what is supposed to be a civil society have successfully convinced those of us who are get the book thrown at them for doing things that should be commended.

Expose war crimes of the highest order? Get in the cage.

Stand up against tyrannical lock downs by keeping your business open? Pay this fine or get in the cage.

Refuse to get an experimental vaccine? Here's your pink slip.

Banks blow up the world? Pay up your share to bail them out in direct taxes and debasement. The global economy will implode if you don't.

This is late stage empire shit. Criminal predators run the world and they are laughing in your face as they pillage everything. If you step out of line you will experience the full force of the predators and their henchmen.

As much as I would like it to be true, I do not feel that there is a way to vote your way out of this hellscape. Certainly not at the federal level. The predators have completely co-opted the system and if you think they are going to relinquish their power and their ability to operate without consequences because you signal your wish for justice at the ballot box I have a unicorn that shits gold to sell you.

The only way to cut out the rot in our system is to tear out its core; the money printer. All of their power stems from their ability to print money out of thin air and throw it at whatever they want to manipulate the rules and incentives in their favor. John Adams exclaimed that those who fought for independence from England were looking for a nation of laws, not men. We currently live in a nation of men who have the ability to bend the laws to their will. Laws do not exist as things to be respected anymore. They are inconveniences that can be manipulated whenever deemed necessary. Nothing makes this clearer than the Federal Reserve and their management of the monetary system. They manipulate and change policy and the rules on a month to month basis at this point.

Rate hikes. Rate cuts. QE. QT. New facilities.

It's can all be changed on a whim. The Federal Reserve is a body of men dictating the rules on the go instead of operating within a strict rule set.

Bitcoin is the exact opposite of this. The protocol rules force every man, woman and child who wishes to interact with the network to follow the rules set forth by the consensus code. Changing the consensus rules cannot happen on a whim. There are no bailouts and there is no preferential treatment.

Try to make an invalid transaction and it will be rejected.

Try to inflate the supply of bitcoin and your block will be rejected.

The predators have no power in this system and the sooner people realize this is where they can actually begin to affect REAL change, the better. American citizens are wasting a lot of time and effort trying to convince the predators they should relinquish their power. The best part about bitcoin is you don't even have to rip the power from their hands. You simply create and nurture a new nexus of power that anyone can participate in as long as they follow the rules.

Final thought...

I think I'm getting used to the Texas heat.

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