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427: Killer Whale Liquidity Crisis with John Titus

Jun 20, 2023
TFTC Podcast

427: Killer Whale Liquidity Crisis with John Titus

427: Killer Whale Liquidity Crisis with John Titus

John Titus believes that many are missing the forest for the trees when it comes to the banking crisis that is currently unfolding. While many are focused on duration mismatches that exist on bank balance sheets, John is zeroed in on what he believes to be the driving force behind the bank failures earlier this year; customers with massive deposits. The average account size for the top 0.1% increased from ~$500,000 to ~$5,000,000 after the COVID lock downs and the money printing that came with them. The Fed has induced a massive problem that is resulting in a consolidation of the banking sector. And John stresses, this is not a regional banking crisis.

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5:30 - Killer whales and banks lacking liquidity
16:13 - The Fed is at the center
21:01 - Coordinated consolidation effort
26:28- The strength of cash
33:57 - John’s origin story
39:09 - Fix the money, fix the world
42:20 - Dollar endgame
45:06 - John on Bitcoin
49:38 - The system is run by those who hate you
52:54 - Life expectancy decline
55:35 - Tyranny thrives in the fear of resistance
58:39 - Wrapping up



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