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415: Coal is the Future with Steve Barbour

Apr 28, 2023
TFTC Podcast

415: Coal is the Future with Steve Barbour

415: Coal is the Future with Steve Barbour

Steve Barbour is the founder of Upstream Data, a company that builds bitcoin mining data centers and natural gas generators for individuals and companies who want to mine bitcoin on upstream gas wells or behind the meter. Some think that bitcoin mining is a somewhat straightforward activity, but Steve and Upstream have learned that there are a lot of variables to consider when building a data center. Particularly for rough environments. Tune in to this rip to learn about Upstream's iterative design process, the state of the mining industry, and why coal is a beautiful energy source that should be wholly embraced.

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7:30 - Bitcoin dev conflict of interest
19:18 - Bitcoin reaching maturity
21:01 - Russian mining
25:37 - Fiat IOUs
28:30 - The state of US mining
34:25 - Will "Coal" Cole
38:09 - Upstream's progress since Steve's last pod
47:06 - Hydro is better for portability
55:31 - New design
59:53 - Is coal the future?
1:04:48 - Hydrocarbons debate
1:08:33 - Lizard men
1:10:57 - Mock the rulers
1:19:03 - Fiat dying
1:25:01 - Wrapping up



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