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Bitcoin Will Crash Energy Prices | Andrew Myers

Bitcoin Will Crash Energy Prices | Andrew Myers

Feb 6, 2024

Bitcoin Will Crash Energy Prices | Andrew Myers

Key Takeaways

This episode of the Bitcoin Frontier podcast from Unchained delves into the misconception that increased energy consumption due to population growth or technological advancements will lead to the depletion of resources or environmental catastrophe. The guest, Andrew Myers, argues that the planet can sustain significant energy growth, and this fear is unfounded.

Challenges in California's Energy Market

Myers highlights the inefficiencies and bureaucratic layers in California's energy market where the end consumer faces inflated retail prices due to mismanagement and regulatory complexities, despite low wholesale costs for power production.

Centralization and Monopolies in Energy Transmission

The discussion brings to light the centralization and monopolistic control over energy transmission lines, which act as gatekeepers, adding substantial time and cost to the process of integrating new power generation assets or loads into the grid.

Bitcoin's Role in Decentralizing Energy Markets

Bitcoin is presented as a parallel solution to the energy industry's centralization problem, similar to how it decentralizes the monetary system. Myers envisions a future where deregulation and decentralization of energy markets, enabled by Bitcoin, will lead to more efficient and responsive systems.

Impact of Bitcoin Mining on Energy Consumption

Bitcoin mining is portrayed as a flexible and responsive consumer of energy that can adapt to real-time market needs, thus contributing to the stability of the grid. It's also seen as a catalyst for innovation and investment in new energy infrastructure.

The Future of Energy Production

The guest predicts that human ingenuity and innovation will lead to increased energy production and consumption without endangering the planet. He suggests that a Bitcoin standard could unlock human potential and lead to an energy-rich and prosperous society.

Humanity at a Crossroads
It’s time to come back to reality.

Best Quotes

  1. "Whether it stays the same or it increases by ten times, the planet can sustain that level of energy growth and energy production." - Andrew Myers, highlighting the potential for sustainable energy expansion.
  2. "The utilities in California have a wholesale cost for power...but for layers of bureaucracy and mismanaged infrastructure, the retail price to the end consumer ends up being so much higher." - Andrew Myers, criticizing the inefficiencies in California's energy sector.
  3. "They are the gatekeepers, and they add a year, two years or more to the process of building out new load or new generation." - Andrew Myers, on the monopolistic control of transmission lines.
  4. "Bitcoin...brings money and decision-making power back into the hands of entrepreneurs and innovators and investors who can build out that grid of the future." - Andrew Myers, on the transformative potential of Bitcoin in the energy sector.
  5. "We will see a growing class of entrepreneurs, investors and everyday people eager to produce and consume more energy to make their dreams a reality." - Andrew Myers, envisioning an energized future driven by Bitcoin adoption.


The podcast episode with Andrew Myers offers an insightful look into the energy industry's challenges and the unique role Bitcoin mining plays in driving toward a decentralized and efficient future. Myers effectively argues that concerns over the planet's ability to sustain higher energy consumption are unfounded and stem from a lack of understanding of the potential for technological advancement and sustainable growth. He also underscores the inefficiencies of centralized energy markets and the bureaucratic hurdles that inflate costs and stifle innovation.

By drawing parallels between the decentralization in the monetary system brought about by Bitcoin and the potential for similar transformations in the energy sector, Myers provides a compelling argument for the use of Bitcoin as a tool for market liberation. His vision for the future is one where energy production flourishes, driven by a class of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and consumers enabled by a Bitcoin standard.

This conversation not only sheds light on the intersection of energy and Bitcoin but also on the broader implications for society's progress towards a more self-sovereign, innovative, and resource-rich future. It serves as a call to action for continued advocacy for deregulation, market reforms, and the embrace of technologies that can reshape the energy landscape for the betterment of all.


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