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AI Rumbles While Infrastructure Crumbles

Jan 30, 2024

AI Rumbles While Infrastructure Crumbles

AI Rumbles While Infrastructure Crumbles

Key Takeaways

The episode of The Bitcoin Frontier podcast from Unchained featured Drew D'Agostino, CEO of Crystal (also referred to as Crystal Knows), a SaaS company leveraging machine learning to predict personality traits and improve communication in business settings. Here's an in-depth analysis of the key insights:

  • Bitcoin as a Treasury Strategy: Drew discussed the decision to diversify his company's treasury by adopting Bitcoin, especially after the Silicon Valley Bank crisis highlighted the risks of the traditional banking system. It was a strategic move to mitigate counterparty risk, and it required overcoming technical, social, and governance challenges.
  • Personal Journey with Bitcoin: Drew's personal investment philosophy has evolved from being interested in precious metals to seeing Bitcoin as a more valuable asset. He has come to treat his cash as less valuable compared to Bitcoin, leading to more disciplined financial decisions, a phenomenon that has extended to his company's balance sheet.
  • AI and Investment Dynamics: The conversation touched on the current state of AI and its adoption curve. Drew sees generative AI as a transformative tool for enhancing productivity but is cautious about its investment potential, noting it could be a commodity rather than a high-return asset. He expressed skepticism about the rapid technological progress narrative and sees more evidence of stagnation, especially in the physical world.
Bitcoin Treasury - The Fourth Lever to Equity Value Growth
While building products and services in the growing bitcoin ecosystem will not ensure success, a company’s proclivity for success is inevitably correlated to bitcoin’s upside.

Best Quotes

  1. "It would be foolish to move my company's capital into any one institution or any one instrument, including US dollars and the US banking system." - Drew D'Agostino, highlighting the risks of traditional financial systems and advocating for diversification in treasury management.
  2. "As soon as it transforms into Bitcoin, it becomes more valuable to me, even if it's the same exact price level." - Drew D'Agostino, illustrating the psychological shift in valuing assets once they are converted into Bitcoin.
  3. "We don't know if AI itself is actually a good investment right now." - Drew D'Agostino, expressing uncertainty about the investment returns of AI despite its transformative potential.
  4. "I think we're actually in a period where we believe things are progressing really quickly, but we're actually in significant amount of stagnation." - Drew D'Agostino, challenging the notion of rapid technological progress and pointing out areas of stagnation in the physical world.


This episode of The Bitcoin Frontier podcast provided a nuanced perspective on the intersection of technology, investment, and corporate strategy. Drew D'Agostino's decision to incorporate Bitcoin into his company's treasury was not just about seeking asset appreciation but also about adopting a sound money philosophy that encourages disciplined decision-making. The conversation also delved into the state of AI, with Drew highlighting its transformative impact on productivity but also questioning its current investment value. The episode concluded with reflections on technological progress, suggesting that while the digital realm advances, the physical world may be experiencing stagnation, and the role Bitcoin might play in addressing this disparity. This discussion underscores the complex nature of innovation and the importance of considering both technological potentials as well as their broader economic and societal implications.


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