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Energy-Backed Money | Max Webster

Jan 30, 2024

Energy-Backed Money | Max Webster

Energy-Backed Money | Max Webster

Key Takeaways

Core Topics, Themes, and Insights

  • Bitcoin as Energy-Backed Money: The podcast delves into the concept of Bitcoin being energy-backed money, touching upon its implications on the financial ecosystem. Max Webster, the founder of Hivemind Ventures, highlights Bitcoin's role beyond a financial asset; it's a technological foundation for new applications that leverage its underlying properties.
  • Solar Energy's Impact on Bitcoin: Max shares insights into the rapidly decreasing costs of solar energy and its potential to revolutionize energy consumption and production. He predicts that by 2030, people will be surprised by the affordability of solar energy, which may significantly influence Bitcoin mining and its economics.
  • Market-Based Ranking Systems: The discussion explores the notion of "market rank," where microtransactions facilitated by Bitcoin can potentially solve the problem of misinformation online by assigning value to content. This could be the backbone of a new kind of search engine and information ranking system.
  • Lightning Network's Role: The Lightning Network is seen as the metabolic pathway for Bitcoin's ecosystem, allowing for the creation of new markets and applications. Max is optimistic about the future of Lightning Network despite its current early-stage development.
  • Investment Perspective: Max discusses his investment strategy, focusing on first-money-in opportunities that have the potential to significantly return on investment, and the importance of having a portfolio that can weather various outcomes.
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Best Quotes

  1. "Bitcoin is much more than just an asset. It's more than a financial instrument that sits in your portfolio. This is an open source piece of software and a distributed protocol that people are building on top of in new and innovative ways." - Brian Cabellos
  2. "If you can bet on the S curve before everyone realizes it's an S curve, that's where the alpha is." - Max Webster, discussing his foresight into the energy sector and solar power.
  3. "Bitcoin is energy-backed money... There is only one currency in the known universe, and that's energy." - Max Webster, explaining his thesis on Bitcoin being the embodiment of energy in a monetary form.
  4. "We're building on new technology, so super pumped to have you, Max." - Michael Tanguma, expressing excitement about the innovative discussions surrounding Bitcoin and energy.
  5. "I really want to see a way I can ten X the whole fund off of one check." - Max Webster, sharing his investment philosophy and the importance of high-potential returns in venture capital.


This episode of Final Settlement from Onramp, featuring Max Webster, provided a rich and thought-provoking discussion on the multifaceted nature of Bitcoin, particularly focusing on its relationship with energy and the potential for creating new market-based ranking systems. As an investment opportunity, Bitcoin represents a frontier for venture capitalists like Max, who seek first-mover advantages in a rapidly evolving landscape.

The conversation highlights the early-stage yet promising development of Bitcoin's underlying technology and the Lightning Network, suggesting a future where Bitcoin's influence extends well beyond its current use cases.

In conclusion, this episode reinforces the idea that Bitcoin is a generational shift in technology and finance, with implications that will continue to unfold in innovative and surprising ways. It's a reminder that Bitcoin's journey is not just about the asset itself, but the broader ecosystem it fosters and the legacy it will create for future generations.


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