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436: Building Sound Finance For Sound Money with Atomic Finance

Jul 24, 2023
TFTC Podcast

436: Building Sound Finance For Sound Money with Atomic Finance

436: Building Sound Finance For Sound Money with Atomic Finance

The last crypto mania cycle brought with it the concepts of "DeFi" and "yield farming". Using complicated tokenomics incentive schemes and buzz words many people successfully conned others into believing they could get rich by being on the cutting edge of financial innovation by participating in "decentralized finance", which proved to be nothing more than a game of digital hot potato that was propped up by "impressive" front men. Matt Black and Tony Cai started Atomic to bring sound finance to sound money by offering individuals the ability to leverage Discrete Log Contracts to create native financial products within bitcoin transactions in a sovereign fashion.

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5:30 - Atomic Finance origins
15:44 - What’s wrong with defi?
21:15 - Explaining DLCs
25:26 - How Atomic uses DLCs
28:39 - Risks
34:13 - Atomic’s oracle
37:39 - State of DLCs and lightning
44:51 - Plans for Atomic
47:46 - Ethereum’s centralization
50:26 - Order of operations in Bitcoin adoption
54:04 - Scaling Bitcoin and ossification
1:04:59 - Staking reputation on BIPs
1:14:28 - A lot at stake
1:21:00 - Wrapping



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