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413: Resisting mRNA in our Food with Charles Mayfield

Apr 21, 2023
TFTC Podcast

413: Resisting mRNA in our Food with Charles Mayfield

413: Resisting mRNA in our Food with Charles Mayfield

There is a push to inject the nation's livestock with experimental mRNA injections and Charles Mayfield is ringing the alarm bells. The political-media-big pharma apparatus is doubling down on incompetence and perverse incentives to corrupt our food supply and it is imperative that as many people as possible are aware of what is happening.

Check out Farrow







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11:01 - Marty field tested the skin food
12:20 - Keto Con
16:58 - Epic Dermis
20:59 - Why Farrow
24:34 - Pigs
34:05 - Untrustworthy institutions
41:10 - Poison in the livestock
45:43 - Insidious legislature
51:01 - Looking at more accurate health markers
1:00:26 - Big Pharma and Big Ag
1:05:57- Resisting mRNA food
1:10:31 - Life insurance story
1:12:15 - Instilling urgency
1:16:40 - Symbiosis
1:22:56 - Blackpill/Whitepill
1:29:58 - Mock the rulers
1:33:52 - 3 years of madness
1:40:47 - Health is wealth
1:43:43 - Big week for Farrow
1:47:46 - Marty is a glowing god of goodness



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