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Zaprite Unveils New Dashboard Analytics for Bitcoin Payment Tracking

Zaprite Unveils New Dashboard Analytics for Bitcoin Payment Tracking

Jan 29, 2024

Zaprite Unveils New Dashboard Analytics for Bitcoin Payment Tracking

Zaprite, a company known for integrating Bitcoin payments into everyday business operations, has announced a series of significant updates to their application, with a particular focus on enhancing in-app functionalities. The updates, which include the recent WooCommerce Store integration, are primarily aimed at helping users effectively visualize and track performance using Invoices and Payment Links. The announcement was made in a blog post on the company's website 2 hours ago.

Introducing Dashboard Analytics - Zaprite
Easily view and track your bitcoin and fiat income over time in the new Zaprite Analytics dashboard.

The key feature of this update is the new Dashboard Analytics tool. The dashboard is designed to provide a comprehensive day-to-day view of a business's income, offering insights into how revenue is distributed across different currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and fiat currencies, as well as the categorization of payments whether on-chain, off-chain, or through other channels like Liquid.

The Income Summary section is the centerpiece of the new analytics dashboard. It becomes immediately visible upon logging in and can be accessed at any time from the home dashboard. The section is particularly focused on Bitcoin transactions, displaying the total BTC received and its corresponding Accounted Value—converted into the fiat currency set by the user for accounting purposes—at the time the payment was received.

In addition to BTC, the dashboard also provides information on Fiat Received. This feature caters to businesses that transact in one or more fiat currencies, allowing them to track all fiat currency accruals in one place.

Another notable aspect of the Dashboard Analytics is its flexibility. Users can update the dashboard to report back on any desired date range, with options for several quick default date ranges or the ability to set custom date ranges as needed.

Zaprite has also taken steps to simplify the process of accounting by cleaning up CSV downloads, a move aimed at reducing the complexity associated with managing and tracking Bitcoin payments.

Zaprite: The Ultimate Bitcoin Payments Solution for Merchants
Merchants looking for a seamless way to accept bitcoin payments need not look further than Zaprite. This innovative platform offers an easy-to-use onboarding mechanism that integrates with both on-chain transactions and the Lightning Network, as well as other payment methods.

Recognizing that users may encounter challenges or have questions regarding the new Dashboard Analytics, Zaprite encourages customers to reach out for help and support. The company has provided a means to submit requests via their support portal at or through Twitter DMs to their account @ZapriteApp.

In conclusion, the new Dashboard Analytics feature from Zaprite represents a significant improvement for businesses that accept Bitcoin payments, providing a detailed and easy-to-navigate interface for tracking financial performance. While the tool focuses on simplifying the visual representation of income and transactions, the future implications for businesses could include more streamlined accounting practices and a better understanding of cryptocurrency transactions as they relate to overall business performance. Zaprite's updates demonstrate their commitment to evolving with the needs of their users and the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency in the commercial sector.


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