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Demanding Payment in Bitcoin | Will Cole

Jan 16, 2024

Demanding Payment in Bitcoin | Will Cole

Demanding Payment in Bitcoin | Will Cole

Key Takeaways

This episode of The Bitcoin Frontier podcast with Will Cole features a multifaceted discussion on the evolving landscape of financial surveillance, the importance of self-sovereignty in Bitcoin custody, and the future of Bitcoin payments. The conversation delves into the current state of financial censorship and how it may drive people towards Bitcoin, the role of multisig in enhancing security, and the potential for Bitcoin to serve as a primary method of payment.

Will highlights his journey from working at Unchained to his current venture with Zaprite, underscoring the significance of enabling individuals and businesses to obtain Bitcoin directly through commerce rather than solely through exchanges. He emphasizes the progress made in Bitcoin custody solutions and how the focus is now shifting towards optimizing those solutions and facilitating Bitcoin earnings through goods and services.

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Will also predicts that the catalyst for a broader adoption of Bitcoin payments will be an individual decision – people demanding to be paid in Bitcoin and merchants providing incentives for Bitcoin payments. He foresees a feedback loop where the acceptance of Bitcoin by more businesses could lead to a viral effect, incentivizing others to follow suit.

Lastly, the discussion touches upon the increasing use of financial censorship tools by governments and the potential implications this has for individual freedoms and the adoption of Bitcoin as a censorship-resistant alternative.

Best Quotes

  • "It is underappreciated the level of financial surveillance and censorship that is coming for us." – Will
  • "The most important problem to work on in Bitcoin was custody." – Will
  • "Multisig is not a weird thing anymore." – Will
  • "The catalyst is going to come from people demanding to be paid in Bitcoin." – Will
  • "Canadian trucker protest...seeing how you can be debanked, not in some conspiratorial manner, but as a matter of policy." – Will
  • "China...they're showing us what's coming to the west. They're beating us in financial censorship." – Will
  • "The difference between today and, say, 2019, when I joined Unchained, it's very different." – Will
  • "We have more control. You want to buy a gun? We have more control." – Will
  • "I think there's a lot of things at play in this. Right. You have people that want Bitcoin in their treasury, so they go out and buy Bitcoin." – Will
  • "The more centralized and small these businesses are, I think they'll be the first adopters of this." – Will


The podcast episode provided an insightful exploration of the intersection between Bitcoin, financial sovereignty, and commerce. It reflects the growing concern about financial surveillance and the potential for Bitcoin to empower individuals and merchants to take control of their financial future.

The guest's experiences and predictions suggest that while the Bitcoin custody space has matured, the next frontier lies in making Bitcoin a viable and preferred option for everyday transactions. The episode concludes with a sense that Bitcoin's role as a tool against financial censorship will become increasingly critical, and the decisions of individuals and businesses to embrace Bitcoin could be the driving force for change.

The discussion poses thought-provoking questions about the future of financial autonomy and the potential for Bitcoin to reshape our understanding of value exchange. It leaves listeners with the idea that Bitcoin’s time may come not through a single catalytic event but through a series of individual choices that collectively signal a shift towards a more decentralized and censorship-resistant financial system.


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