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What Bitcoin Did - The Hidden Cost of Money with Seb Bunney

Feb 12, 2024

What Bitcoin Did - The Hidden Cost of Money with Seb Bunney

What Bitcoin Did - The Hidden Cost of Money with Seb Bunney

Key Takeaways

In this podcast episode, the guest Seb delves into a remarkable array of topics, anchored by his personal experiences and deep insights into the complex relationship between money, societal structures, and individual behaviors. Seb opens up about his harrowing journey during a recent trip, which serves as a prelude to exploring the broader implications of our current monetary system.

Seb's narrative is a mix of personal anecdotes, such as his challenging travel experience and his diverse background, and the profound impact of money on various aspects of life. He shares his transition from a professional mountain biker to a bitcoin advocate and author, underscoring the transformative power of bitcoin on his worldview.

The guest provides an in-depth analysis of how money influences our behavior, time preference, and societal structures. Seb argues that the current fiat monetary system creates distortions in capital flows, leading to issues like the Cantillon effect, wealth inequality, and a breakdown in the social fabric. These issues, he posits, can be addressed by separating money from state and adopting bitcoin as a form of sound money that empowers individuals and aligns incentives towards long-term prosperity.

Seb's journey through the world of bitcoin is a testament to the currency's ability to speak to people from diverse backgrounds and offer a unique perspective that needs to be shared. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the problem before presenting bitcoin as a solution, advocating for a gradual approach to educating and orange-pilling individuals on the benefits of bitcoin.

Best Quotes

  1. "I would say that every single person globally is self-interested... but that self interest can be shown in many different ways... I benefit from living through, vicariously through a lot of these kids and supporting these kids." - Seb, discussing how self-interest drives behavior and the importance of channeling it into positive actions that benefit both the individual and the community.
  2. "You cannot understand the solution until you understand the problem... I really tried to lay out the problem before ever diving or even mentioning that I believe we have a solution." - Seb, on his approach to introducing bitcoin as a solution to the monetary issues faced by society, stressing the need for a thorough understanding of the underlying problems.
  3. "Money is just a medium of expression... if you suppress someone's ability to express themselves monetarily, we have all of these byproducts in society." - Seb, defining money as a tool for expressing values and the consequences of monetary censorship.
  4. "Most of the byproducts, if not all, have a root stemming from a broken monetary system." - Seb, identifying the core issue behind various societal and economic problems, highlighting the need for a sound monetary system.


The podcast episode featuring Seb is a compelling narrative that weaves together personal experiences, economic theories, and a vision for a future shaped by bitcoin. Seb's articulate and thought-provoking insights offer listeners a nuanced understanding of the intricate ways in which money affects our lives, relationships, and societal structures. The overarching message is clear: by addressing the root issues of our current monetary system and embracing the principles of bitcoin, we can move toward a more sustainable and authentic existence.

Seb's journey, from a challenging trip to writing a book despite dropping out of English class at twelve, embodies the transformative nature of bitcoin and its community. His story is a powerful reminder that with education, understanding, and a willingness to adapt, we can overcome the limitations imposed by traditional financial systems and work towards a more empowered and interconnected world.


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