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Unveiling Bitcoin's Potential in Dubai: Onramp Media - The Last Trade

Feb 16, 2024

Unveiling Bitcoin's Potential in Dubai: Onramp Media - The Last Trade

Unveiling Bitcoin's Potential in Dubai: Onramp Media - The Last Trade

Key Takeaways:

The podcast episode delves into a series of insightful discussions around bitcoin, its custody solutions, global adoption trends, and the shifting landscape of investment due to the emergence of bitcoin ETFs. The episode features the Onramp team's reflections on their recent trip to Dubai for the Bitcoin Oasis event and their interactions with the Middle Eastern market regarding bitcoin understanding and investment.

One of the critical observations from the Dubai trip was the region's high level of crypto sophistication, yet a relative lack of nuanced understanding of bitcoin specifically. The team noted that while many in the Middle East are well-versed in blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts, there's a stark contrast in the depth of knowledge about bitcoin's unique properties and the importance of its custody mechanisms.

The conversation highlighted the potential for massive bitcoin adoption in the Middle East, catalyzed by an alignment of cultural, religious, and economic factors with bitcoin's value proposition. The region's wealth, combined with a keen interest in diversifying away from oil and an appetite for new technology, positions it as a ripe market for bitcoin's growth.

The episode also touched on the phenomenal success of bitcoin ETFs, which have seen record inflows. This development has the potential to significantly impact the bitcoin market, as ETFs make bitcoin investment more accessible to a broader range of investors.

Furthermore, the episode examined the broader macroeconomic environment, including rising inflation and potential complacency in Western economies, which could serve as tailwinds for bitcoin's adoption as a hedge against fiat debasement.

Best Quotes:

  1. "The sophisticated individuals know there's a difference [between bitcoin and crypto]." – Acknowledgment that while the general public may conflate bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies, those with a deeper understanding recognize its unique attributes.
  2. "It's going to be a crazy next 15 years globally." – Anticipation of the transformative impact that bitcoin and its adoption will have on the global financial landscape over the coming decade and a half.
  3. "Why are we excluding bitcoin?" – A rhetorical question posed during the discussion, suggesting that as bitcoin becomes more mainstream, the focus will shift from questioning its inclusion in portfolios to wondering why it would ever be excluded.


The podcast episode presents a nuanced and multi-faceted view of bitcoin's current state and future prospects. The insights gathered from the Onramp team's experience in Dubai underscore the enormous potential for bitcoin adoption in the Middle East and beyond, driven by both cultural affinities and strategic economic considerations. The success of bitcoin ETFs is reshaping the investment landscape, pulling in significant capital inflows and potentially signaling the start of a new era of bitcoin's market dynamics. Finally, the broader economic context, with the fragility of fiat currencies coming to the fore, may catalyze a greater appreciation for bitcoin as a sound money alternative. Overall, the episode paints a picture of a pivotal moment in bitcoin's journey, with implications that extend far beyond the current market cycle.


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