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What Bitcoin Did - Bitcoin Adoption, the Halving & Mining with Colin Harper

Feb 10, 2024

What Bitcoin Did - Bitcoin Adoption, the Halving & Mining with Colin Harper

What Bitcoin Did - Bitcoin Adoption, the Halving & Mining with Colin Harper

Key Takeaways:

The podcast episode featuring host Peter McCormack and guest Colin Harper delved into a variety of subjects ranging from personal histories to the intricacies of local governance and the impact of bitcoin on communities and industries. Peter McCormack shared anecdotes about his background, revealing that he was nearly born in Cyprus due to his father's job as an aircraft engineer, but ultimately grew up in Bedford, UK, which holds great personal significance for him. He discussed his past aspirations to work in the music industry and his experiences at university before dropping out.

The conversation shifted to McCormack's current battle with the local council over the football club he owns. He expressed frustration with the council's decision to cancel the renewal of his club's lease while granting a 99-year lease to a rival club, Bedford Town. Despite having legal grounds to fight this, McCormack emphasized his desire to work with the council for the benefit of the community, highlighting the successes of the club's women's and men’s teams and their contributions to the local economy.

Colin and Peter also explored the challenges faced by local councils, including budget restraints and social commitments. They critiqued the decision-making process within councils and the impact on the private sector, drawing parallels to wider governance issues. They touched on the financial struggles of UK councils and the significance of the 21 million bitcoin supply cap as a solution to many systemic problems.

Additionally, they discussed the global financial system's dependency on the US dollar and historical patterns of financial engineering leading to crises. They concluded with reflections on the bitcoin community's fragmentation, its potential for positive influence on capital allocation, and the gradual understanding of bitcoin's benefits through personal experiences.

Best Quotes:

  1. "I've lived in Bedford my whole life [...] it's a very important place to me and I'm trying to do everything I can to lift it up." - Peter McCormack
  2. "I know somebody's listening, like, good onto bitcoin, but this is related all to bitcoin." - Peter McCormack on the relevance of local governance issues to broader themes in bitcoin.
  3. "We're sucking away allocation of capital from idiots. That's what we're doing." - Peter McCormack on the impact of bitcoin on capital deployment.
  4. "There are things that take time to grok through experience. So you hear theory of bitcoin and why it's important [...] but over the last twelve months, I've got so much clarity over bitcoin and so much clarity over governance, bitcoin itself." - Peter McCormack reflecting on his bitcoin journey.


The podcast episode provided a nuanced perspective on the intersection of personal experiences, local politics, and the broader implications of bitcoin for governance and economic systems. Peter McCormack's candid sharing of his struggles with the local council sheds light on the realities of navigating bureaucracy and advocating for community interests. The episode underscored the importance of understanding the intricate dynamics of governance and the transformative potential of bitcoin in addressing systemic issues. It also highlighted the value of embracing diverse viewpoints within the bitcoin community and recognizing the gradual learning process involved in truly grasping the significance of bitcoin. As the conversation concluded, it left listeners with a sense of the ongoing evolution of both the individual's and the community's relationship with bitcoin and its overarching message of financial sovereignty and prudent capital allocation.


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