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WEF Goes Full Throttle on Totalitarianism

WEF Goes Full Throttle on Totalitarianism

Jan 17, 2024
Marty's Ƀent

WEF Goes Full Throttle on Totalitarianism

Another year has come and gone and another annual Gathering of the Ghouls is underway in Davos, Switzerland. Klaus Schwabb and his team at the World Economic Forum are hosting a meeting of the most corrupt and delusional of minds to brainstorm about how they can con the global public into accepting Totalitarian policies that will erode civil liberties and sovereignty. I've been keeping a running thread of some of the insane ideas being spewed by the World Economic Forum attendees. Here's what these kleptocrats would like to do.

"It's absolutely critical that we accelerate." John Kerry took the stage to make it clear that the climate hysterics' will ignore presidents who "don't believe in a climate crisis" and who push back against their suicidal agenda. The "market" is making decisions that will ensure this victory. He said this with a straight face. When you pierce through Kerry's posturing and look at reality, it is clear that the market participants who are pushing this agenda (which is backed by an unfathomable amount of money from governments) are getting absolutely demolished. This is evidenced by the fact that ESG funds are winding down en masse as their return profiles are abysmal because LARPing about the climate doesn't produce returns because the "green transition" isn't economically sustainable. Germany has proved this over the last two decades.

Humanity at a Crossroads
It’s time to come back to reality.

Ursula von der Leyen took the stage to explain how the EU plans to censor online speech. Apparently the WEF has identified "disinformation and misinformation" as the number one concern in their Global Risk Report. Ursula has been focusing on "tackling this" and with the Digital Services Act in the EU, the European regulators will be able to put legal pressure on social media companies to censor speech they deem as wrong think. That's not all though, the EU plans to tackle the existential risk of AI next.

It has been brought to my attention that the clip below of John Evans didn't come out of this week's event, but I'm going to share it any way because it is imperative that you are aware what the ghouls are working on. John is pretty boned up about a social credit score disguised as an "individual carbon footprint tracker". Stay tuned, these people are developing a technology that will give you a social credit score based on where you travel, how you travel, what you eat, and what content you consume on the internet.

Here is the President of the World Economic Forum, Børge Brende, openly asking a leading question about transitioning toward a "New World Order". The world is adapting quickly as we transition into the Digital Age and there is a pressing need ensure that right people are in charge and leading the transition.

War is Peace. The way to get to a "peaceful, just end to this war [in Ukraine]" is more weapons and bloodshed.

Twitter is a toxic public square. Don't get your information from Twitter. We need to "have a societal reflection" on how information propagates on social media. This is coded language for, "we need to determine the right way for information to propagate and that means not letting information we don't like getting to individuals who are supposed to have free will and the ability to discern for themselves what is good and bad information."

The ghouls are openly talking about the convergence of the public and private sector to solve the problems it deems most pressing. Put another way, they are openly calling for Fascism as defined by Mussolini.

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” - Benito Mussolini

This one is filled with light endorsements of a borderless world.

There is a heavy focus on social media companies in their role in the spreading of information. This woman makes it clear that social media companies must work closely with partners in the media and government to surface the "good information". Too much wrong think could sway elections in a way that doesn't align with what the ghouls ultimately want.

Bill Gates joined CNBC to let us all know that the mRNA vaccines are safe, effective, and only getting better. Not only that, but pretty soon you won't be getting "jabbed", you'll be getting "patched".

If you farm or fish you are apparently committing "ecocide". Two activities that have been fundamental to the development of humanity and the global economy are now considered deeply concerning.

It wouldn't be a proper Gathering of the Ghouls without Jamie Dimon making his annual appearance on CNBC to tell the world why bitcoin is, in fact, bad and has nothing innovative to provide the world. The real innovation is happening with "blockchain technology" that is helping JP Morgan tokenize assets to make their grift more efficient. Be prepared for the "tokenization of assets" meme to grow significantly during this bull market. It's the next hot affinity scam.

Lastly (as of right now), we have the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, explaining how the world needs to be wary of "Disease X", which is a "placeholder for unknown diseases". Tedros went as far as to say that COVID is considered a disease that would fall under the "Disease X" category and that they were preparing for something like it to emerge before it swept across the planet. This is interesting considering the fact that it is pretty well established that COVID was most likely created in a lab that was partially funded by the NIH. It seems to me that we should be more worried about the fact that there are people throughout the world working diligently to create the next "Disease X" instead of "Disease X" itself.

If the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization are really afraid of new diseases being unleashed on the world, why don't they call out the teams creating viruses with "100% kill-streak in 'humanized' mice"?

The ghouls are putting the pedal to the metal and moving ahead full steam with their attempts to tightly control every individual on the planet. They are using their tried and true fear tactics to make you believe that humanity faces a number of existential threats that need action. The actions they want you to take have consistently and will continue to end with governments gaining more power over individuals by limiting civil liberties in the name of "safety".

Do not fall prey to their fear tactics. Instead, ridicule these out-of-touch kleptocrats and expose them for the frauds that they are.

Final thought...

The South really can't handle the cold or the snow.

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