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Trump Accepts Bitcoin Lightning Payments for Campaign Donations

Trump Accepts Bitcoin Lightning Payments for Campaign Donations

Jun 3, 2024

Trump Accepts Bitcoin Lightning Payments for Campaign Donations

Former President Donald Trump has become the first U.S. President to accept Bitcoin Lightning Network payments for campaign contributions.

Trump's campaign has formed a partnership with OpenNode, a leading Bitcoin and Lightning Network infrastructure provider, enabling his supporters to make donations to his 2024 presidential bid using Bitcoin via the Lightning Network.

In a statement to Bitcoin Magazine, OpenNode expressed their enthusiasm, "OpenNode is proud to partner with Anedot to bring Bitcoin into the political donation process. The Trump campaign’s adoption of our solution is a powerful proof-point of how political campaigns and nonprofits across the country can seamlessly accept Bitcoin donations."

During a recent Libertarian Party convention, Trump declared his commitment to nurturing a Bitcoin-friendly climate in the U.S. He promised to "ensure that the future of crypto and Bitcoin will be made in the USA," while also advocating for "the right to self-custody for the nation's 50 million crypto holders."

Further emphasizing his support for the Bitcoin community, Trump announced his intent to commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road founder and Bitcoin advocate, stating, "He's already served 11 years. We're going to get him home."

The move to accept Bitcoin donations is seen as a strategic effort by Trump to resonate with the estimated 50 million Bitcoin users in the United States, positioning him as a leader attuned to technological innovation and economic liberty.

In related news, President Joe Biden recently vetoed legislation favorable to Bitcoin, which would have allowed regulated financial firms to hold Bitcoin. This action by the current administration contrasts with Trump's approach and commitment to the Bitcoin industry.

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