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Neutronpay Rolls Out Lightning Payment Services in Southeast Asia

Neutronpay Rolls Out Lightning Payment Services in Southeast Asia

Apr 29, 2024

Neutronpay Rolls Out Lightning Payment Services in Southeast Asia

Neutronpay, a digital payment platform, has announced the expansion of its app to four Southeast Asian countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. This move is set to harness the potential of the Lightning Network to enable near-instant, low-cost global payments for both businesses and individuals in these rapidly evolving markets.

The Southeast Asian economies are known for their youthful populations, open markets, and burgeoning tech sectors. With this expansion, Neutronpay aims to cater to the diverse industries in these countries, which include Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, by providing payment solutions that are swift, affordable, and borderless.

Neutronpay's utilization of the Lightning Network is designed to upgrade digital transactions across Southeast Asia, enhancing financial connectivity not only within the region but also extending to Canada and the broader Lightning Network, which currently serves approximately 350 million users. The app specifically addresses regional payment challenges by introducing Bitcoin and the Lightning Network as a new payment method, while still allowing transactions to be received in local currency.

The app contains a variety of features, including almost instantaneous cash transfers to bank accounts worldwide, increased business efficiency through international payments, a POS mode for merchants, and a content creators’ hub with LNURL support.

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