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Bitcoin, Gold, and Global Politics: A Candid Talk with Dominic Frisby on TomWoodsTV

Mar 8, 2024

Bitcoin, Gold, and Global Politics: A Candid Talk with Dominic Frisby on TomWoodsTV

Bitcoin, Gold, and Global Politics: A Candid Talk with Dominic Frisby on TomWoodsTV

Key Takeaways

In episode 2460 of The Tom Woods Show, Tom Woods invites Dominic Frisby, a multifaceted personality encompassing roles as a content creator, singer, comedian, playwright, and financial commentator. Frisby's varied expertise brings a wealth of insight into the broader implications of the public health establishment's actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. His book is a critique of these actions and aims to provide a voice to those who suffered under the restrictions but were not heard at the time.

The conversation delves into the world of financial commentary, specifically the rise of Bitcoin and the launch of Bitcoin ETFs, which have played a significant role in legitimizing the it and making it more accessible to institutional investors. Frisby's financial acumen is on display as he analyzes the cyclical nature of Bitcoin, the impact of ETFs, and the upcoming "halving" event. He also discusses the challenges UK citizens face with the Financial Conduct Authority's regulations, which starkly contrast with the more accommodating stance of the US towards Bitcoin.

Frisby and Woods also engage in a reflective discussion on travel, cultural etiquette, and language barriers, highlighting personal anecdotes that provide a humanizing and relatable touch to the episode. They briefly touch upon the political landscape in Argentina, where libertarian Javier Milei's election has sparked both hope and skepticism within libertarian circles.

Lastly, Frisby's creative side is showcased with his latest comic song, "I Want to Be in the Illuminati," which humorously satirizes conspiracy theories and the allure of secret societies.

Best Quotes

  1. "It's the most lively, devastating baseball bat to the throat takedown of what the public health establishment did in 2020." - Tom Woods on Dominic Frisby's new book, underscoring its critical perspective on the public health response to the pandemic.
  2. "Bitcoin has had six corrections of 80%. And yet, here we are, it's $65,000. So here we are, just a couple of percent off its all-time highs, and it's had 680 percent corrections." - Dominic Frisby on Bitcoin's resilience and growth, emphasizing the it's ability to recover from significant downturns.
  3. "You could use your bitcoin to buy a car, and the taxability of that event is less clear." - Dominic Frisby on the strategic benefits of spending Bitcoin to potentially avoid capital gains taxes.
  4. "I speak fluent Italian, but often if I'm in Italy, it's often better to pretend you don't speak Italian because it's just a sort of power thing." - Dominic Frisby on the advantages of language barriers in certain social interactions, particularly with authority figures.
  5. "We libertarians, ever since I've discovered libertarianism, we've just sat on the sidelines and gone, oh, it's wrong. It would be much better if there was no government." - Dominic Frisby on the libertarian perspective, which he feels is now being tested in real-time with Javier Milei's election in Argentina.


The episode with Dominic Frisby on The Tom Woods Show is a vivid tapestry that weaves together critical analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic response, the dynamics of Bitcoin in the financial market, and the cultural nuances of travel and language. It also touches upon the transformative potential of libertarian politics as exemplified by Javier Milei's election in Argentina. Frisby's creative work, including his new satirical song, adds an element of humor and cultural commentary to the discussion, highlighting his unique ability to engage with serious topics through a comedic lens. The overarching message is one of resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of a more open and honest discourse, whether in public health, finance, or politics. The episode leaves listeners with much to ponder about the future implications of these discussions and the continuous evolution of libertarian thought in practice.


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