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The Sat Standard - January 16th, 2021

The Sat Standard - January 16th, 2021

Jan 16, 2021
The Sat Standard

The Sat Standard - January 16th, 2021

Thought of the week from Marty Bent:
End the Fed!

Thought of the week from Matt Odell:
Individuals will naturally seek out defensive technology when they realize the need to defend themselves.

Open Hardware. Open Software. Open Networks. Open Money.
Verifiable and Provably Secure.

It will not be easy but it is absolutely necessary.


  • Bitcoin Optech #131
  • Tor v3 Onion addresses unreachable after possible attack on Tor network
  • Encrypted messenger Signal user based has increased dramatically, servers have been having issues since yesterday
  • Ledger discloses new data leak and steps they are taking to mitigate issues going forward
  • Analysis of Solar Winds attack showcases build process vulnerabilities
  • HRF provides grants to Specter and Lot49
  • Lagarde attacks bitcoin
via @HalvingTracker


Rabbit Hole Recap - Thursday

Citadel Dispatch - Tuesday

Michael Krieger

  • Cancel yourself before they cancel you
  • Free and open source software
  • Censorship
  • History
  • Bitcoin as a way to exit
  • The illegitimacy of the expert class
  • Localism
  • The education system


  • Oil Markets
  • Misallocation of capital
  • PE + O&G
  • Fragile supply chains
  • Rare Earth metals
  • Bitcoin mining with flare gas
  • Energy producers are the central banks of the future

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