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Issue #908: There's never been a better opportunity to exit

Issue #908: There's never been a better opportunity to exit

Jan 15, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #908: There's never been a better opportunity to exit

Wanted to end the week on a short, but positive note after a two hour conversation with Michael Krieger yesterday. Yeah, things may seem pretty bad at the moment. The political and social situations are as tense as they have ever been. Central bankers have gone mad with printing power. Major parts of the global economy have been shutdown for the better part of a year. Not ideal. Nor is it an environment that is beneficial to mental health.

The stress-inducing variables at play above all depend on our continued dependence. If we keep depending on politicians and central bankers to micromanage our societal problems, we feed the treacherous feedback loop we are currently caught in. Complacency leads to shitty politicians that lead to corruption, waste and a massive misallocation of capital. Humanity needs to remove itself from this treacherous feedback loop.

Luckily for us, there has never been a better opportunity for individuals to exit the feedback loop and begin creating more additive feedback loops that benefit the masses. Bitcoin is one of those grassroots movements that people can leverage to begin exiting the current system. Beyond Bitcoin, there are a number of open source projects that we can use to begin building better systems that make us less reliant on the terrible decision makers we have become accustomed to. There are many teams like Start9 Labs emerging so that individuals can take back control of their personal data and communicate with peers privately. There are privacy preserving mobile operating systems like GrapheneOS that allow you to avoid being surveilled by Google. VPN services. Tor. Protonmail and Tutanota.

All solutions that individuals can leverage to claw back some of their liberties in the Digital Age. No more waiting for politicians to fix these problems. No more asking for permission. Free men don't ask for permission. They peacefully exit systems they disagree with and build better systems that ensure liberty for all. This is all possible. Today. At this very moment. This is an incredible thing. We should be thankful that the opportunity exists and should waste no time in seizing it.

The future is bright!

Final thought...

Pacing is the only way to take calls.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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