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Onramp Media - The Last Trade E037: The Pensions Have Arrived with Sam Roberts & Glenn Cameron

Feb 9, 2024

Onramp Media - The Last Trade E037: The Pensions Have Arrived with Sam Roberts & Glenn Cameron

Onramp Media - The Last Trade E037: The Pensions Have Arrived with Sam Roberts & Glenn Cameron

Key Takeaways

The podcast episode delves into the intricate world of Bitcoin asset management and its implications for institutional investors, particularly pension schemes. The conversation orbits around the concept of Bitcoin as an escape from financial system risks and a potential growth asset for portfolios. The guests, Glenn Cameron and Sam Roberts from Cartwright, along with host Michael, discuss the transformative journey of recognizing Bitcoin's unique value proposition amidst a landscape dominated by traditional financial instruments.

The discussions highlight the shift in perception from viewing Bitcoin as a high-risk, speculative play to acknowledging it as a legitimate asset class with a role in portfolio diversification. This transition is underscored by the realization that traditional systems are fraught with counterparty risks and inflationary pressures that Bitcoin can potentially mitigate. Moreover, the podcast touches on the psychological shift required to embrace Bitcoin, not just as an asset to be traded for yield, but as a long-term store of value that negates the need for active portfolio management.

Institutional adoption of Bitcoin is framed as an evolutionary process, influenced by macroeconomic events and market cycles. The experts suggest that the adoption curve will likely accelerate as more institutions experience the benefits of Bitcoin allocations firsthand, compelling them to increase their investments in the digital asset. This increased institutional interest could, in turn, create a feedback loop that reinforces Bitcoin's position in the market.

Best Quotes

  1. "For me, that was the real inflection point... when one nation state had confiscated another nation state's assets just a stroke of a pen." - Sam Roberts, on the significance of the US confiscating Russia's treasury bonds.
  2. "Bitcoin is the solution... We've got to go on this journey to develop a thesis and a process internally before we can go get our clients into this years down the line." - Michael, on the importance of a calculated approach to Bitcoin adoption for clients.
  3. "You want that end state stability in an asset, but that's not where we're at right now. Instead, there's a huge asymmetric upside opportunity as we get to that eventual place for Bitcoin." - Host, on the unique investment opportunity Bitcoin presents during its monetization phase.
  4. "The future is not necessarily a reflection of the past... I can only invest in the future." - Sam Roberts, on the necessity of forward-thinking investment strategies.


The podcast episode offers a profound perspective on Bitcoin's role in the future of institutional investing. It's evident that Bitcoin is no longer on the fringe but is steadily making its way into the portfolios of discerning investors who recognize its potential to hedge against systemic risks and contribute to growth. This conversation with Glenn Cameron and Sam Roberts sheds light on the nuanced considerations that institutions must weigh when integrating Bitcoin into their investment strategies.

Their expertise and experiences underscore the importance of understanding Bitcoin's underlying principles and the market forces at play. The takeaway is clear: Bitcoin represents a paradigm shift in asset management, and those who are early to adapt may reap significant rewards. The podcast ends with a sense of urgency for institutions to explore Bitcoin now, during its monetization phase, to capitalize on the asymmetric opportunities it presents before it reaches a state of maturity and stability as a global reserve asset.


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