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Riot Platforms Energizes Substation at New Corsicana Mining Facility in Texas

Riot Platforms Energizes Substation at New Corsicana Mining Facility in Texas

Apr 18, 2024
Bitcoin Mining

Riot Platforms Energizes Substation at New Corsicana Mining Facility in Texas

Riot Platforms, a leader in vertically integrated Bitcoin mining, has announced the activation of the substation at its Corsicana Facility in Navarro County, Texas. The company's CEO, Jason Les, expressed his enthusiasm about this milestone, which reflects two years of dedicated effort toward establishing what is projected to be the world's largest Bitcoin mining operation by developed capacity.

"Two years ago, we purchased 265 acres of land in Navarro County, Texas, driven by our vision to build the world's largest Bitcoin mining facility, and today, we have achieved a new milestone in turning that vision into a reality with the energization of our Corsicana Facility," said Jason Les. He underscored the commitment and teamwork that brought the project to fruition and emphasized the strategic importance of the facility for Riot's growth.

The Corsicana Facility boasts a 400-megawatt substation, which is now operational and marks the commencement of the site's first phase of development. This phase is expected to contribute 16 EH/s to Riot's self-mining capacity by the end of 2024. The first miners have been installed in Building A1, and operations have begun, with the intention of reaching a total capacity of 3.7 EH/s.

As Riot Platforms continues to deploy miners in the Corsicana Facility, the additional buildings in the first phase—Buildings A2, B1, and B2—are scheduled to progressively come online in the coming months. These developments are predicted to add another 12 EH/s to the company's self-mining capacity, totaling an anticipated 31 EH/s by the end of 2024.

When fully developed, Riot's Corsicana Facility is expected to have a total capacity of 1 GW, setting a record for the largest known Bitcoin mining facility in terms of developed capacity. This initiative represents a substantial expansion in Riot's operational capabilities and signifies a noteworthy advancement in the Bitcoin mining sector.

The energization of the substation at Riot Platforms' Corsicana Facility is a landmark event that underscores the company's ambitious plans for expansion and enhancement of its Bitcoin mining operations.

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