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Reviving the Land: Allan Savory's Agrarian Wisdom

Mar 12, 2024

Reviving the Land: Allan Savory's Agrarian Wisdom

Reviving the Land: Allan Savory's Agrarian Wisdom

Key Takeaways

The Bitcoin Standard podcast episode featuring Allan Savory offers an expansive look into the intricate relationship between economics, agriculture, and ecology. Allan Savory, who cofounded the Savory Institute, has dedicated his life to addressing biodiversity loss and desertification. His approach is rooted in holistic management, a framework he developed to alter the destructive course of modern land management policies.

Savory's insights reveal that economic decisions are not isolated but are deeply intertwined with our ecological systems. His work demonstrates that the health of our environment directly impacts economic stability and vice versa. The episode delves into the practical application of Savory's methods, which involve using grazing livestock to regenerate land and prevent desertification. The discussion is not only eye-opening in terms of understanding the ecological challenges we face but also empowering, as it equips listeners with knowledge to make more informed economic decisions that can lead to a sustainable future.

Best Quotes

  1. "You are making economic decisions every day, and this course will arm you with the wisdom of centuries of economists to improve your economic decision-making." - Podcast introduction
  2. "Humans only manage three things. We manage humans, our economy, and our life-supporting environment. These are indivisible every day." - Allan Savory
  3. "No technology even imaginable in science fiction can replace chemical oxidation on billions of hectares of grasslands, essentially in the world every single year, with biological decay." - Allan Savory
  4. "The creativity that made civilization possible... was made possible by ordinary farmers discussing around the kitchen table, the campfire." - Allan Savory
  5. "Institutions are not humans... when we form an organization, it takes on a life of its own." - Allan Savory


Allan Savory's appearance on the Bitcoin Standard podcast offers a profound exploration of how economic and ecological systems are inherently connected. His life's work presents a critical analysis of how our current resource management policies are fundamentally flawed and contribute to the degradation of our planet. By promoting holistic management and the use of livestock for land regeneration, Savory provides actionable solutions that challenge conventional wisdom and offer a path toward ecological and economic harmony. His message resonates deeply with those who understand the importance of integrating cross-disciplinary insights to address the complex challenges of our time. The overarching message is clear: our survival and prosperity depend on rethinking and reshaping our economic decisions to be in harmony with the ecological systems that sustain us.


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