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OpenSats Announces Long-Term Support for Nostr Developer PabloF7z

OpenSats Announces Long-Term Support for Nostr Developer PabloF7z

Apr 10, 2024

OpenSats Announces Long-Term Support for Nostr Developer PabloF7z

OpenSats, an organization dedicated to funding open-source infrastructure within the Bitcoin and Nostr ecosystems, has recently announced PabloF7z as the latest recipient of their Long-Term Support (LTS) grant. PabloF7z is recognized as a highly influential developer in the Nostr community, contributing to several key projects.

Pablo's work includes the creation of nsecBunker, Nostr Development Kit (NDK), Shipyard, Highlighter, Wikifreedia, amongst others. The LTS grant is aimed at ensuring the continuity of Pablo's contributions to the Nostr protocol, which is seen as a crucial part of the technology's infrastructure.

In a statement released by OpenSats, they expressed their enthusiasm: "We are excited to announce PabloF7z as our latest LTS grantee. Pablo is one of the most prolific developers within the Nostr community."

The grant will enable Pablo to focus on various upcoming projects such as "niche relays, event database synchronization, localized flows, client discoverability," and to continue enhancing the Nostr Development Kit (NDK). The NDK is particularly significant as it is considered one of the essential development toolkits in the Nostr ecosystem.

PabloF7z responded to the announcement with gratitude, stating: "VERY HUMBLED. IMMENSE THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT HAS MADE THIS POSSIBLE. LET'S SHIP THE OTHER STUFF."

OpenSats highlights the importance of community support in making the LTS program successful: "Our LTS program is made possible by generous donors like you. To continue supporting important contributors like PabloF7z, consider making a donation to The Nostr Fund."

The initiative taken by OpenSats is part of their broader mission to provide sustainable funding for builders and maintainers of critical open-source infrastructure. By supporting developers like PabloF7z, OpenSats hopes to foster the growth of freedom tech within the Nostr community for years to come.

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