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What It Was Like Launching Bitcoin In El Salvador

Jan 29, 2024
TFTC Podcast

What It Was Like Launching Bitcoin In El Salvador

What It Was Like Launching Bitcoin In El Salvador

Key Takeaways

This episode of TFTC with Marty and Sean McDonnell covered a range of personal experiences, business insights, and the intersection of technology, health, and sports. The conversation delved into various topics, including their past in sports, particularly lacrosse, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, and the importance of Bitcoin in today’s economy.

Lacrosse Memories

Marty and Sean reminisced about their lacrosse days, sharing a story from Marty's last game and the severe concussion he suffered. This incident marked a turning point in his life, leading him away from sports and towards economics and eventually Bitcoin.

Entrepreneurship and Business

The episode touched upon their respective entrepreneurial journeys, with Sean discussing his involvement in a range of ventures, from selling shoes to video editing for influencers. His most recent venture is Salt of the Earth, an electrolyte company that aims to address chronic dehydration.

Health and Wellness

Sean shared his personal story of giving up alcohol and noted the benefits of improved sleep and overall health. His journey into wellness influenced the creation of Salt of the Earth, driven by his understanding of the importance of hydration and electrolytes.

Bitcoin and Technology

The conversation included insights into the crypto space, with Sean recounting his involvement in the rollout of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador. He also recounted his own realization of the significance of Bitcoin over the years and its potential impact on the global economy.


Best Quotes

  • "I couldn't articulate the letters of my name. I could see it, but after that hit, I just couldn't spell it out."
  • "Being dehydrated feels a lot like being hungry. Sometimes you're not hungry; you're just thirsty."
  • "Starting your own business is like staring into a dark abyss while eating glass, but when you see things start to take off, it’s pure euphoria."
  • "When I shared Salt of the Earth with Marty, and he tweeted about it, orders started coming in non-stop. It was one of the highest moments I've experienced."


The episode painted a vivid picture of the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship, the importance of health and wellness, and the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin. Sean's journey from a lacrosse player to a tech entrepreneur and health enthusiast was a testament to the power of personal transformation and the pursuit of passion. The discussion on Bitcoin's role in El Salvador demonstrated the real-world applications of cryptocurrency and the evolving landscape of digital finance. This conversation was a blend of nostalgia, innovation, and forward-thinking, reflecting the varied interests and experiences of the hosts and their guest.


0:00 - Intro
6:32 - Lacrosse
15:59 - Groupon
23:23 - Giving up the party life
27:11 - Skiing story
32:51 - Coding bootcamp
38:06 - Bitcoin
43:01 - Bukele’s war room
52:24 - Starting Salt of the Earth
1:02:50 - Electrolytes
1:14:24 - Jack Dorsey story


00:00:00:00 - 00:00:02:05
Come. You don't talk about owls Lacrosse anymore.

00:00:02:07 - 00:00:03:15
Owls. Lacrosse.

00:00:03:18 - 00:00:04:15

Owls. Lacrosse.

00:00:04:15 - 00:00:06:16
Still big fan of owls. Lacrosse.

00:00:06:18 - 00:00:11:28

Shout out to Sam, Sam and a lot of owls. Lacrosse.

00:00:12:05 - 00:00:23:25
Unfortunately a cash up. Not unfortunately, just where the business cash app is in. Sponsor That was a that was a deal we did with Cash app where people would sign up.

00:00:23:28 - 00:00:25:27
On your just given the like referral to.

00:00:25:27 - 00:00:28:18
Them. I think so yeah.

00:00:28:20 - 00:00:32:02
Yeah they seem to be doing great.

00:00:32:04 - 00:00:49:04
Sam's crushing it. I talked to him I think like six months ago. It's funny, one of the girls, um, women who works here in the comments was friends with him growing up, and we somehow stumbled. I think I was talking about owls Lacrosse. She's like, you know, Sam It's like, Yeah. And it's a.

00:00:49:06 - 00:01:01:27
So the girl out there, Julia, said she, like, got the job because of her brother was a listener of you. Do you know who her brother is?

00:01:02:03 - 00:01:08:18
I don't know. There's a lot of listeners out there, so we've come a long way from the Deep Lakes days to.

00:01:08:21 - 00:01:22:00
Yeah, well, I was done playing 2010 and that was Dude, how about we tell the story of your last game? Just your last game, right?

00:01:22:02 - 00:01:25:07
Last game. Ever hung up. Hung up the cleats after.

00:01:25:07 - 00:01:30:06
That was all right. You want to, like, tell your side of the story and then I'll I'll fill it in here.

00:01:30:06 - 00:01:31:03
We're playing Augustana.

00:01:31:09 - 00:01:32:03

00:01:32:04 - 00:01:36:25
Augustana. We're in Rock Island, Illinois, on the border of Illinois and Iowa.

00:01:36:25 - 00:01:41:06
This is 2010. Must have been there in 2009, 2010, 2010.

00:01:41:09 - 00:01:57:21
We were on the back end of a road trip. We had gone down to like Saint Louis and made our way back up to Rock Island, right? Yeah. And we're playing in the middle of nowhere, tired. I think it was our third game that weekend. I think we were in Indianapolis and Missouri.

00:01:57:22 - 00:01:59:01
Horse scheduling just.

00:01:59:01 - 00:02:19:12
Like, and then up to Iowa. Yeah, I decided I want to play long stick. I don't want to play close defense. I wanted to play Moody. So I grabbed a stick and then Pat Desmond, who I saw crying on Instagram because the Detroit Lions won a playoff game for the first time in 30 years the other day.

00:02:19:12 - 00:02:22:05
How did I miss that thing? Oh, he.

00:02:22:07 - 00:02:41:27
He threw me. So in lacrosse, when the goalie saves the ball and you break out to start the transition, you're looking for the ball over your shoulder, looking back at the goalie and the goalie supposed to throw you a tight a type of right to your stick because there's defenders out there that could hit you. Desmond threw me.

00:02:41:27 - 00:02:42:06

00:02:42:09 - 00:02:49:04
I mean, he shouldn't. And she shouldn't even looked. She shouldn't even looked. You're right in the middle of the field.

00:02:49:06 - 00:02:49:20

00:02:49:27 - 00:03:07:17
Like, definitely, you know, go to the outside. And I mean, you just do one of these over your shoulder. And it was just body parts like nice lob hits your stick. And it was just like that.

00:03:07:22 - 00:03:13:03
Sun had to be like 65, £250. Hit me straight in the chest. I mean, I don't remember any of it.

00:03:13:06 - 00:03:22:27
And like, you just hit the ground so hard. It was like a big duffel bag just got dropped from like a ten story building. That's how it sounded.

00:03:23:00 - 00:03:24:15
And I got knocked out for.

00:03:24:17 - 00:03:31:27
You, got up, like, right away and you came and you came out of the side. And I remember being like.

00:03:32:00 - 00:03:32:29

I was like, Hey, I'm out.

00:03:33:00 - 00:03:53:28
He really got his bell rung and I was like, Okay. But like, I was trying to keep pushing you to, like, go back. I was like, Yeah. And I'm like, we just need to, you know, get some momentum on offense and get it going. And you were like, ready to go back out. And Tim, this is another carrier.

00:03:54:00 - 00:04:15:12
Tim Carrier was like, we were so ragtag that it was like always a player coach. Tim was senior and he was the head coach and he was like, Dude, he's not going back. He's not going back up. And you're like, Ready to go? And then he goes, He's like, Steak, what? What day is it? And you're just like.

00:04:15:14 - 00:04:18:00

Oh, fuck, Dad.

00:04:18:00 - 00:04:20:18
No, it was I got to tell her to piss myself.

00:04:20:19 - 00:04:28:14
That was scary. And that sooner, like I got to take him to the hospital and drove you to the hospital.

00:04:28:14 - 00:04:34:20
And I know an ambulance showed up. I went in the ambulance because I remember they put an I.V. and me in the ambulance.

00:04:34:24 - 00:04:47:27
So I went in the ambulance with you and had to call your mom because I was the president. And, um, man, that was that sucked. Like.

00:04:48:00 - 00:04:48:14
Know I remember.

00:04:48:15 - 00:04:52:16
And you're like, this is like, I was like, have you had a concussion before?

00:04:52:16 - 00:04:56:12

And you're like, Yeah, it's like my seventh one or something.

00:04:56:12 - 00:05:21:26
Yeah, it was my sixth. Pretty bad concussion. I remember coming to in the, uh, in the middle of Rock Island, Illinois, the middle of nowhere, like waiting in the waiting room for a doctor to see me. And I come to, like, I think I'd come out of the. The fog I was in after being hit, and I, like, come to the first thing I see is this, like, dude with, like, a bald head and he's got a tattoo of the middle finger on the back of his head.

00:05:21:26 - 00:05:24:27
I was like, Where the fuck am I? What am I doing here?

00:05:24:27 - 00:05:26:14
Get over Rock Island.

00:05:26:16 - 00:05:39:26
And then you. I think it was ghetto. And Reed waited, and we drove back to Chicago through the middle of the night. And I was fucked up for, like, two weeks.

00:05:39:28 - 00:05:56:17
Yeah, I mean, that's. That was, that was. And that was scary. I remember just being like, I couldn't believe I felt so guilty that I was like, I wanted you to just keep playing, like, Dude, come on, let's go. And Tim, when he called you out on the date, I was like, Wow, that's I guess that's how, you know.

00:05:56:20 - 00:06:13:29
I couldn't even spell my name. And I think it's weird because I have like, these. I remember Tim asked me that and I didn't know I didn't know what day was. And I remember asking me to spell my name and I could see my name and my brain, but I couldn't like, articulate the letters. I was like, that.

00:06:14:02 - 00:06:15:02
Here we are, though.

00:06:15:04 - 00:06:17:19
I mean, you've come a long way. Yeah, come a long way.

00:06:17:19 - 00:06:19:03
I became that player, coach.

00:06:19:06 - 00:06:19:27
And after.

00:06:19:28 - 00:06:21:21
I got knocked out, I started coaching my sophomore.

00:06:21:21 - 00:06:28:00
Year. Then that was. Yeah, sophomore year. How did you guys do sophomore and junior year?

00:06:28:03 - 00:06:36:10
The we kept getting progressively better. Sophomore year was the worst, but the junior and senior year we did well obviously the senior year and then with the ship.

00:06:36:12 - 00:06:42:23
And you didn't have any other coach sophomore year or junior that.

00:06:42:26 - 00:06:48:15
Kolber was the name. He was terrible and he tried to he tried to be like the head coach.

00:06:48:18 - 00:06:51:16
I think we're probably going to get some deep wax guys listening to this.

00:06:51:19 - 00:06:53:21

Hopefully, right?

00:06:53:23 - 00:07:18:09
I would imagine. But no, it's weird thinking that because that that was like 2010 I got knocked out, couldn't play lacrosse and went complete sports anymore. Stuff like basketball at 3 a.m.. And that's like sort of what sent me down the path to Bitcoin. I was like, I can't play sports anymore. Only focus on economics and all the shit and fell down the Bitcoin rabbit only two and a half years later.

00:07:18:11 - 00:07:23:23
Yeah. In 2013 was the championship season.

00:07:23:24 - 00:07:24:07

00:07:24:11 - 00:07:27:20
When your boy showed up as an assistant assistant coach.

00:07:27:25 - 00:07:35:25
Yes. Thank you. From the from the mean streets, the GrubHub coming in to a Groupon. Groupon, not GrubHub.

00:07:35:28 - 00:07:59:09
And I wasn't even a hacker. But at the time I was at this other company called Bright Tag, and I was not enjoying my job. And I just remember being like, This is sweet. Like this team is like winning and like, and then going down and winning the conference championship. Great Rivers Conference. Yes.

00:07:59:09 - 00:08:00:12
Yeah, yeah.

00:08:00:12 - 00:08:25:02
I'll see. And then go into the national championship tournament. That was like so fun to just like because when I was playing, it was like the first year we were killing it. We had all these Brother Rice guys. We were like smoke in the league. And then we got moved up into like a legit league conference and then we were just getting our asses kicked by like Wheaton and like, because we were just like, partying a lot.

00:08:25:02 - 00:08:48:18
And like, these guys are all sober, just working us. But like, we had kids from Brother Rice, you know, like the best school in the Midwest. But yeah, that was so fun. Like seeing a team that you built pretty much from like the freshman year. It's like sophomore year and then coach, like, win the championship. That was like, it was awesome.

00:08:48:24 - 00:09:11:05
All it took was a little structure. All I did was add six, eight workouts in the offseason and two practices a week in season. We just had camaraderie and a bit of structure and actually obviously playing lacrosse in the Northeast allows you to know the game pretty well. I knew how to organize a defense, I handle the defense, and there were some players on the team that could put together an offense.

00:09:11:05 - 00:09:15:20
It's like you guys focus on offense and make the defense as good.

00:09:15:22 - 00:09:22:12
Yeah, I didn't even really like trying to do any Xs and I was I was like, just trying to hype everyone up like.

00:09:22:14 - 00:09:27:19

Like just fucking kick the shit out of these guys. Let's go.

00:09:27:21 - 00:09:29:10
But we've come a long way since then.

00:09:29:14 - 00:09:30:14

00:09:30:17 - 00:09:34:06
Like you said, you're a ten year long at someone.

00:09:34:08 - 00:09:35:14
And bright tag, right?

00:09:35:14 - 00:09:42:08
Tag You don't seem like somebody likes being chained to a desk or working for a company.

00:09:42:10 - 00:10:19:27
Now, when I was working at Groupon, I really enjoyed I was doing sales and I was like launching markets. My first market at Groupon was Fayetteville, North Carolina, and it's like a tiny military town outside of Raleigh. And I like went out there and it was really fun actually, like going to visit and like meeting with, like I do my best customer was an indoor skydiving place, so I like to go there and like, do that and like meeting people face to face and like, doing those deals was really fun.

00:10:19:29 - 00:10:49:06
And then I started to do the moved up from Fayetteville to Raleigh and then Charlotte, and then I started doing the Groupon getaways and I was doing I was like in charge of like the ski crew coupons, all the mountain stuff, all the resorts. And I found this one conference called the Mountain Travel Symposium. And I remember just pitching like the GM of the Groupon getaways.

00:10:49:08 - 00:11:07:13
I was like, look, LivingSocial is they're they're like the headline sponsor. Like, we have no representation. We got to be there. Like and he's like, Well, I don't want to pay. I don't want to like, pay to be there, but like, I'll send you there if you want to go. I was like, okay, that's Squaw Valley. And I was like, This is sweet.

00:11:07:19 - 00:11:26:16
I'm going to I'm going to get paid to go like ski for a week and like, meet all these. It was like a speed dating type of thing. And everyone's like skiers and stuff. And I, I there's a movie like my favorite ski movie. I think I probably told all the team about it called Na Na.

00:11:26:17 - 00:11:27:20

00:11:27:22 - 00:11:46:21
And it's based on this book called Skyward. That's a NAS, like an acronym for Gaffney's Numerical Assessment of Redness. And he, Scott Gaffney and Rob Gaffney, they wrote this guidebook on how to attack the mountain and like.

00:11:46:24 - 00:11:47:14
Get points.

00:11:47:14 - 00:12:15:10
Points for certain lines, and then you get like extra credit points for doing shit, like going up, skiing up to a bunch of, like a stranger and saying like, Hey, I just want to let you know I'm the best rider on the mountain. Or like, I'm so much sicker than you. Like, I can't believe you're a pro. Just like, skiing naked, like, doing, like the more uncomfortable something made you feel, the more points it was worth And I think I was really I made everybody you like, watch that on the lacrosse team.

00:12:15:11 - 00:12:16:09

00:12:16:11 - 00:12:27:28
I was like, this movie. It's how I live my life, how to do this. And, um, yeah, I. I had a hard time, like, keeping a desk job.

00:12:28:02 - 00:12:43:05
Yeah, especially a group. Like. Like what happened to Groupon is it's still around. Like, I think Groupon maybe like one of the prototypical products of, like, zero interest rate policy companies. They just got a shit ton of money. Well, they were huge in Chicago when we were.

00:12:43:06 - 00:13:11:16
So this was even this is way before zero interest rates. This was like for the longest time it was like, okay, we have like, I don't know, I felt like they really put, um, e-commerce and like email, like, okay, how do we, how do we figure out like what to do with, like social, like sharing and, and like emails and like deals and like, I don't know, I feel like Groupon was just the right place at the right time.

00:13:11:16 - 00:13:36:25
And everyone figured out like, okay, if we can just get at Groupon deal, like we're going to get in front of so many people, we're going to drive so much traffic to our business. But it was ultimately like a lending platform because really these restaurants were like always strapped for cash and the best deals were like restaurant deals.

00:13:36:25 - 00:13:58:24
And I'd be like, okay, you try to eat, call a restaurant. You say, okay, so what's your average ticket for for two people? And they'd say, Oh, it's $25. So you say, okay, we'll do a deal. $12 gets you $25 worth of food at, you know, your barbecue restaurant. You get $6 and we get $6. And that those rates aren't don't happen anymore.

00:13:58:24 - 00:14:22:02
Or at least that's how it worked in the beginning. And so then they would sell like a thousand of these group bonds and so that's 6000 bucks and that's a 6000 bucks that they didn't have to do anything for. And then they get a check, you know, like 30 days later for 6000 bucks. But then they get like slammed business and like the whole staff is like, pissed off.

00:14:22:02 - 00:14:31:01
The customers get pissed off and like, it's kind of a nightmare. But like, for a while it was like the hottest thing. It was like and it was like, really fun to work there.

00:14:31:07 - 00:14:36:15
Like, I remember going to visit the Super Fund when some of our friends would work there. It was a campus.

00:14:36:18 - 00:15:12:20
Every two weeks. There was like 60 people from like Big Ten schools that were just getting like, just graduated that were like rolling in and everyone's making like ten grand a month selling coupons. You know, It was like, crazy. It's great. And everyone's like, partying, like after work every night. Um, and like, you could see it was like instant gratification, you know, you'd like you call business, you do a deal, and then you in like seven days, it would be live on the Internet and then you just like, look at your deal, like after work on your phone, you just be like, you know, refreshing my deal.

00:15:12:20 - 00:15:26:19
Like how much, you know, calculating your commission in your head, like, nice, nice, nice, like, kind of crazy, you know, thinking back and and thinking about, like, some of the businesses that just, like, got blown out. Yeah.

00:15:26:21 - 00:15:34:05
Is that not a viable business, Right? Like, imagine the restaurant sells at $5 for 12.

00:15:34:08 - 00:15:40:28
Yeah. I mean, you can only do it like once a year or like, once very sparingly. But then, like, it's like a drug, like these restaurants.

00:15:40:28 - 00:15:43:18

Are like, Let's do it again. Run it again.

00:15:43:21 - 00:15:46:06
Are they making money or are they losing money from this?

00:15:46:08 - 00:15:57:11
It's not. It's like they're usually not making money, but it's like an advertising expense. Yeah, it's kind of how you have to I don't know. Think about it.

00:15:57:13 - 00:15:59:18
Yeah. You're getting people in hoping they come back.

00:15:59:21 - 00:16:15:26
Yeah, that's what that was one of our lines. When we call, we like, you know, Would you rather put up a billboard or. Or would you rather have them come in the door and try your food, you know, and let it speak for itself? You know, like, do you think you could get them to come back a second time?

00:16:15:26 - 00:16:17:20
And they're always like, Yeah, oh yeah.

00:16:17:22 - 00:16:22:01

I can't get come back. It's like, I don't know. Yeah.

00:16:22:04 - 00:16:29:23
It's funny how that space has evolved now. It's all we think it's taken over Groupon of that.

00:16:29:25 - 00:16:31:00
I don't know. I mean something.

00:16:31:00 - 00:16:35:13
Like easy table. Easy table is I'm trying to think of the apps.

00:16:35:15 - 00:16:42:09
I mean, I don't know any of these. I just do like Instacart.

00:16:42:11 - 00:16:43:15

00:16:43:17 - 00:16:45:17
I like, never go out to eat.

00:16:45:19 - 00:17:13:15
Well, that's the thing. That's like I mean, that's sort of what I wanted to dig into with you. Shawn good friend, founder of Salt of the Earth, which I've been using a lot of, and we've been talking a lot as you've been growing this business over the last six months. And I think having been your friend for shit almost a decade now, more than a decade now, 14 years now, 15 years on this crazy thing, I'm a decade out of college.

00:17:13:17 - 00:17:23:24
It seems like you're really invigorated about, like starting your own business and leaning in and not only starting your own business, but something that sort of aligns with who you are today because you're not a party boy anymore.

00:17:23:27 - 00:17:24:24


00:17:24:27 - 00:17:26:12
No, no.

00:17:26:14 - 00:17:28:28
You've really leaned into the health side of things.

00:17:29:01 - 00:17:35:17
Yeah, man, I, uh. I'm almost like, seven years. Know, without a drink.

00:17:35:20 - 00:17:39:05
How's that? How's that? What's. Why did you decide to start?

00:17:39:08 - 00:18:04:21
Um, so it was on my 30th birthday or, like, right after my 30th birthday, I was, I was listening to this podcast of Tim Ferriss and Laird Hamilton. Mm hmm. And Tim Ferriss was like, So, Laird, if you could tell your 30 year old self like one piece of advice, like, what would it be? And Laird was like, Stop drinking alcohol.

00:18:04:24 - 00:18:25:06
And I was just like, and Laird's like, you know, you know, Laird, he's like, this epic, like, big wave surfer. He's just like that. I stared and I was like, I want to be like, Laird, like it. I don't know. Something about the way he said it. And like, I was had been giving up alcohol for Lent for like six years.

00:18:25:06 - 00:18:31:22
And it was always like something that I saw huge benefits from. I was like.

00:18:31:22 - 00:18:33:29

Wow, like my sleep's.

00:18:34:01 - 00:18:44:19
Better. Like, I'm just like feeling better. It's just all these benefits. And then like also I remember my telling my grandmother, like, like and I was doing this. She's like, Why don't.

00:18:44:19 - 00:18:49:07

You just give up? Just stop. If you keep talking about how great it is, why don't you just stop, All right?

00:18:49:09 - 00:18:58:06
Maybe. And then, like, she died and then, like, I don't know, a few weeks later, I heard Laird say that, and I was just like, Yeah, I'm like, Try it.

00:18:58:06 - 00:19:01:01
Maybe that's insane. Do you miss it at all?

00:19:01:04 - 00:19:03:10

No, not really.

00:19:03:12 - 00:19:13:00
Like, Oh, it's, uh. It's helped me a lot. Just, like, not drinking. Like, um.

00:19:13:03 - 00:19:15:02
In what ways?

00:19:15:04 - 00:19:38:02
I mean, really, Like this sleep was probably the biggest thing. Um, I mean, but then the, uh, the drugs didn't really stop after the after the drinking. I let that keep going for another, like, four or five months. And then I got, like, crazy, and then I was like, I got to stop everything.

00:19:38:04 - 00:19:39:07


00:19:39:09 - 00:19:41:14
So you've been completely sober for almost seven years.

00:19:41:14 - 00:19:45:18
Yeah. Yeah. Pretty wild change.

00:19:45:19 - 00:19:47:14
How crazy does it get?

00:19:47:16 - 00:20:06:29
Like I want to share somehow on this podcast, the pictures that we have of, like, popping champagne bottles from like the championship days and like, I mean, I designed a shirt for our lacrosse team that was like it was like a PBR, DePaul, Blue Demons. I don't think I have the shirt anymore, but.

00:20:06:29 - 00:20:08:03
Jeremy Shockey Sharkey's got once.

00:20:08:03 - 00:20:15:29
He's got he's got one somewhere. Um, which is another kind of crazy story. Um.

00:20:16:01 - 00:20:20:24
He became best friends with Jeremy Shockey for a short stint there. So talk to him at all.

00:20:20:27 - 00:20:21:10


00:20:21:17 - 00:21:02:20
I mean, every once in a while, um, so yeah, that was during the same time actually, that we were doing the coaching. And then I was like, helping out, helping you out with the coaching at DePaul. I went on vacation. Um, so at this company, Bright Tag, they're really flexing the, like, unlimited vacation policy. And I was like, I'm going to take two weeks and go to Vail and a December like Peace and like my brother was like Mountain Safety and Beaver Creek and he was living in this dorm style place called the Tarns.

00:21:02:20 - 00:21:26:06
And it was like a like a college dorm. I mean, it was like a common room. This was like this big. And then four bedrooms attached and I was sleeping on the couch, but it was ski in, ski out. So I was like skiing a lot. And the second day in, I was getting kind of bored because they all had like, jobs and I could only ski with like my brother like half the day certain days.

00:21:26:09 - 00:22:01:24
And so I found out that you could the private lessons were $1,000 a day. And I was like, I could do that. Like, I'm like better skier than this guy. And so I posted an ad on Craigslist saying, you know, I'll give free snowboard lessons, skiing or snowboarding lessons. Um, anywhere in like Summit County, like around. And so I'm getting hit up like crazy and I have like these two girls that want to go snowboarding.

00:22:01:26 - 00:22:23:02
I've never given a lesson and I go to the bar that night and I it's Jeremy Shockey sits down right next to me and I was like, Whoa. Like, Sky's massive. And I was like, Can I get a, like, picture? And I'm like, just hanging with him. And he's like, and I'm wearing like, I have a little bit of gear, like, gear like, I'm wearing a hat that says, like, Beaver Creek.

00:22:23:02 - 00:22:35:11
It kind of looks like I'm like, I work for the mountain a little bit. And he's like, What do you do? What are you doing here? And I was like, Yeah, well, I'm giving these two girls snowboarding lessons tomorrow.

00:22:35:13 - 00:22:42:00

And he's like, Dude, let's find these girls. He's like, He's like.

00:22:42:02 - 00:23:02:29
Give me your number. And cause there's no girls in the mountain towns. It's like 8 to 1 ratio. So he's like, text me the next day. He's like, Oh, what are you guys doing? I was like, Hey, sorry. Like the next day the girls bail. They're like, hung over, not going to, not going to go skiing. And so Shockey was like, Well, all right, well, can you give me and my friend like lessons?

00:23:03:01 - 00:23:32:02
I was like, Sure. I've never gotten a lesson before and like, I have a GoPro and he introduces me. This guy, this guy's name's Fred, and he's like in his fifties and he's like very beginner snowboarder. And he's like, Okay, so how does this work? Like you're like, free or what? And I was like, Look, I, um, it's it's known as pirate instruction on the mountain.

00:23:32:04 - 00:23:52:11
Like, you get banned for life if you get caught doing this at Vail Resorts. I didn't know that at the time, but like they they'll, they'll try to throw a felony at you saying it's like theft of service from Vail Resorts. It's federal wildlife land like all this bullshit so you have to you can't like you can't even post that on Craigslist anymore.

00:23:52:15 - 00:24:14:26
They they like scan it and they'll pull it down. But I was like, look, I'm not like, not really allowed to, like, charge you for a lesson, but like, if you want to give me a tip, you can, um, it's a thousand. Or you can go pay $1,000 to, to Vail. And like, I have a GoPro, I'm going to make a video.

00:24:14:26 - 00:24:27:18
It's going to be, like, way sicker than whatever you're going to get from the get from that, you know, idiot. And he was like, okay, let's do it. And he just throws me like 500 bucks, cash like Fred right away slaps my hand. I was like.

00:24:27:23 - 00:24:28:25

All right.

00:24:28:27 - 00:24:49:29
We're in business. And then like the next day he just does it again. He just, like, keeps doing it. And then I'm like, hanging out. It's like him and shock. And then after a week of doing that, they're like, okay, every time we come back and these guys are in Miami and they're like, every time we come back out to the mountain, like we're going to fly out from Chicago and you'll like, be our guy.

00:24:50:02 - 00:24:50:28

I was like, All right.

00:24:51:00 - 00:25:13:25
Sweet. So like, that was like Christmas. I did that and then like, spring break, I did that, and then another Christmas, another spring break and then, you know, two Christmases. And then they were like, okay, like they offered me a job in, like, their family office in South Beach, and I moved down. 2014.

00:25:13:27 - 00:25:14:21
You've been in Miami ever.

00:25:14:21 - 00:25:16:04
Since? I've been there ever since.

00:25:16:04 - 00:25:17:07
You like Miami?

00:25:17:10 - 00:25:21:16
I do like it, yeah. Miami Beach. South Beach.

00:25:21:18 - 00:25:23:28
I think it suits your needs better than Chicago.

00:25:24:00 - 00:25:40:29
I mean, I did. Yeah, I was like I was living with my parents right before that. Like, I was, like, had lost. Eventually lost that job with Bright Tag now and they changed their name like, a bunch of times. But yeah, it was like.

00:25:40:29 - 00:25:42:07
Taking too many vacations.

00:25:42:13 - 00:25:43:23
It's probably yeah, they're just like.

00:25:43:26 - 00:25:44:28

Is this fucking guy.

00:25:44:28 - 00:25:48:09
Like, thinks he's like a lacrosse coach and a snowboard instructor. Like, you got.

00:25:48:09 - 00:25:52:28

A job to do, buddy? Like, it's like I call us.

00:25:52:28 - 00:26:17:02
Nobody cares about tag management. Also, at the time, I was trying to sell a technology for, like, a stupid amount of money, like $5,000 a month at Google had just came out. I was like Google tag manager and that was free. And everyone's like, Oh, you're going to take your call. So, uh, yeah.

00:26:17:04 - 00:26:25:02
And again, it doesn't seem like you're, you're cut out to work for somebody, which is like.

00:26:25:05 - 00:26:28:25
Believe me, I've tried. I, you know, I've tried.

00:26:28:27 - 00:26:42:16
But I'm the same way. Yeah, I tried to quit many times, but it's that thing. It's that nagging thing. And you were like, Oh, I'm not liking this life short. Like, I got to go after something I want. It's.

00:26:42:18 - 00:27:04:00
Yeah. So then after the family office thing, I, I got a job with and that was like, I was like, okay, this is cool. This is like tech, this is real estate. And I was like, doing a lot of real estate stuff and tech stuff. And then I was just like, This is just getting kind of bored.

00:27:04:00 - 00:27:09:22
And I, I went to this like coding boot camp. Then you do a design called.

00:27:09:22 - 00:27:10:15
Design Boot Camp.

00:27:10:15 - 00:27:34:01
Now see, I was like, I'm going to do that. I was like, I want to like, build something, you know, like and that was 2017 and like, right before that, like kind of, like during, in the middle of that, I was like, okay, I'm going to try to start a snowboarding, a plant based approach. I was like, really into I had just watched what the health and was like.

00:27:34:04 - 00:27:37:00
I was like, okay, I'm going to try the vegan thing.

00:27:37:00 - 00:27:38:09
Hardcore. Oh God.

00:27:38:12 - 00:27:39:10
I went there.

00:27:39:10 - 00:27:40:06
At some store for.

00:27:40:06 - 00:27:42:10
Like a year. I was like, hardcore.

00:27:42:11 - 00:27:43:28
How unhealthy did you get?

00:27:44:01 - 00:27:57:24
I mean, I was training for an Ironman too, so and I was like, Oh, I'm, I'm, I'm following the ritual playbook, you know, like this guy did five Ironman in like five days. And to me that was like and he was like 50. And I was like.

00:27:57:27 - 00:28:01:07
Okay, as a vegan, Yeah.

00:28:01:09 - 00:28:23:06
But then like now there's guys like James Lawrence who did like 50 Ironman and 50 states in 50 days. He's done 100. He just did this thing that I call like he did like 100 Ironman in a row. This he's not vegan like these guys. I even met like other like crazy Ironman athletes. And I was like, Yeah, I'm doing like vegan thing.

00:28:23:06 - 00:28:52:18
And they were like, Dude, what are you doing? Like, now? But I don't know. For some people it works. I tried it and I was like, maybe. And I wanted to create a product because I saw this girl. Her name is Michelle Lewin. She's like, O.G., Instagram fitness, fitness influencer. She's like, She was like the first one. She was in my lived in my building in South Beach, and I'd see her at the gym and I was like, Yeah, she's pretty fit.

00:28:52:20 - 00:29:03:20
But like, she just made it look really easy, you know? Like she has probably like 50 million followers on Instagram now and like, she's, she launched some products and just like, blew up. And I.

00:29:03:20 - 00:29:05:24

Was like, Oh my God, like.

00:29:05:27 - 00:29:17:14
This, Crazy. Like, you just needed, like, I don't know, be fair and, like, come up with a product and like, put it on Instagram and it'll sell. And you got to be like a hot girl.

00:29:17:16 - 00:29:19:28
That helps. Yeah.

00:29:20:01 - 00:29:50:21
But then I was like, in South Beach, you know, trying to sell a snowboarding plant based, like high altitude training, protein powder, just like it just, like, didn't work. It wasn't. It just it just didn't work. And so then I was like, and it was all kind of falling apart while I was doing the coding boot camp. And so then I was like, okay, I'm gonna like try to get more like technical and like, learn more about, like how to build a company on my own.

00:29:50:21 - 00:30:13:10
Like, I just, I want to build something and kind of got into like, uh, like the DevOps stuff like us and, uh, just like cloud architecture. And then, well, at a coding boot camp, I made a product I actually won, actually, you know, who's in my boot camp was Sam Abbasi.

00:30:13:15 - 00:30:15:12
Mm hmm. Yeah.

00:30:15:14 - 00:30:16:29
Who's been on the podcast?

00:30:17:03 - 00:30:21:29
On podcast. 1031 Portfolio company. Ho Second, they actually just made a big announcement today what it was.

00:30:22:01 - 00:30:25:06
What's the deal? What's he what's he up to? I haven't talked to him in, like, forever.

00:30:25:06 - 00:30:47:08
He found a company Husky, and there they essentially are creating a tool that allows you to validate that you own Bitcoin. And so they just announced this partnership with Bitwise, which launched one of the ETFs where like, oh, will help validate and do proof of reserves for them so that they can prove the ETF actually has the Bitcoin.

00:30:47:10 - 00:30:54:26
Oh, so we had this competition at the end of the boot camp.

00:30:54:28 - 00:30:57:02
I want was it your.

00:30:57:04 - 00:31:21:00
It was it was called Cabbage Patch. It was the dollar cost averaging app. And um, it worked actually worked like I like was able to like, you know, scrap it together and like get it to work. And then I tried to actually, um, Sam and a his team actually tried to like buy me or like a figure out there, like, let's work together.

00:31:21:00 - 00:31:48:29
And I was like, uh, I don't know, I'm going to try to sell this thing on my own. And I had this guy who started a company. He, he was like, had some he just sort of raised like, explain the explain the app. So the app is called Cabbage Patch, and it was it hooked up to your bank account and every after every year it would round up every purchase and then buy Bitcoin with the spare change.

00:31:49:01 - 00:32:16:10
Um, so if you bought this coffee for, you know, any sense, it would round up to a dollar and it took that $0.20 invested in a bitcoin. The problem is if you're buying bitcoin at $0.20, the commission is like huge at the transaction. It was like doesn't really make sense to buy that much, that small amount, that small amount of bitcoin that frequently.

00:32:16:13 - 00:32:39:07
So what it turning to was an app that just bought bitcoin. It would be like the way that the work around was like, okay, we're going to tally up your spare change at the end of the month. And it was usually around 20 bucks. And so that was, that was like the app. It was basically like 20 bucks on average, like you're going to buy every month and like on autopilot.

00:32:39:13 - 00:32:46:00
Um, and yeah, a bunch of apps kind of came out at the same time doing the same thing.

00:32:46:00 - 00:32:47:19
You can do that with Cash app now.

00:32:47:21 - 00:32:48:20
You could do with Cash App.

00:32:48:23 - 00:32:51:02

At the time you couldn't do it with cash.

00:32:51:02 - 00:32:53:04
And maybe planted the idea.

00:32:53:04 - 00:33:07:23
And then I mean there's like there was, I wasn't the first one to have the idea there is there is a couple other out there like but there is there was a guy actually he had the best one that was called coin flash. I remember I remember just staring at his site.

00:33:07:23 - 00:33:10:08

And be like, Damn, this guy's so good.

00:33:10:10 - 00:33:12:09
I was calling Flash.

00:33:12:12 - 00:33:16:06
The same thing, but like he had you could buy like coins to buy.

00:33:16:06 - 00:33:17:23
Etc.. It sounds terrible.

00:33:17:25 - 00:33:30:20
You could be like he also was better with JavaScript and like, so the front end looked really slick. It was like a lot of a lot of toggles and moving parts. I was just like, Ooh, like, that's nice.

00:33:30:22 - 00:33:40:27
We're like, I think I was saying this earlier. I think to Parker you were probably one of the only dudes at the part that listen to me. Back in the day, I was like, You guys should, like, maybe look into Bitcoin.

00:33:41:00 - 00:33:43:10
Yeah, No, we were.

00:33:43:13 - 00:33:44:02

I think the.

00:33:44:02 - 00:33:49:13
First time I heard about Bitcoin was, um.

00:33:49:15 - 00:33:50:09

I had.

00:33:50:12 - 00:34:24:13
A couple of friends that had this other startup that had this one engineer from Notre Dame, and he was like, I just heard he was like, he just had bought like so much bitcoin. It was like this. And, and he, he was like, just like a dirty, nerdy, like, super nice guy, super brilliant guy. And I just kept hearing this story about how he, like, you know, hit it big and then lost it all, you know, like he got hacked or something.

00:34:24:13 - 00:34:38:09

It was like, Oh, like Joel, you have like 10 million Bitcoin and you just like and then he but then some version hacker took it all and then he moved to Africa or something. And I was like, Man, what is this Bitcoin?

00:34:38:09 - 00:34:48:09
And then like, I remember you and me chatting about it, like probably, yeah, early on, just like in guys, like.

00:34:48:11 - 00:34:51:13

Like, are you following this stuff like this? It's like, pretty wild.

00:34:51:16 - 00:35:03:02
Yeah, it was when I was working at a Dearborn, I forgot about chit chat. It was like you, my wife, and like two other people. I would g chat chats, and that's where I would like. And I was like, Dude.

00:35:03:04 - 00:35:04:06
You should check this out.

00:35:04:06 - 00:35:09:00

Yeah, yeah. Oh, for sure. This is like, this is some big stuff here.

00:35:09:02 - 00:35:12:13
What do you think about it now, ten years later?

00:35:12:16 - 00:35:36:01
Yeah, it's like it's still, like, very legit. I mean, it's like, gotten, um. I personally, I feel like it's sometimes I get a little, like, depressed about bitcoin just because, like, for it to really, like, thrive. I feel like the world just kind of has to fall apart.

00:35:36:02 - 00:35:37:09
I don't think so.

00:35:37:11 - 00:35:46:08
Like, I feel like it's constantly like you're waiting for, like, like it's a lot of doom and gloom.

00:35:46:10 - 00:35:57:22
There is a lot of doom and gloom, but I don't think like that necessarily needs to fall apart. I think the likelihood of the world falling apart is pretty high. It's not. Yeah, and that's why Bitcoin exists.

00:35:57:27 - 00:36:12:07
Yeah. Like it's it's nice. It's it's great to have like I just think it's like amazing. It's great. But I feel like when I get really into it, like when I, when I see like, like the whole Twitter, like worlds, I'm just.

00:36:12:07 - 00:36:19:12

Like, oh, like that's so, like, dark sometimes. I mean, it's like, it's so like I.

00:36:19:14 - 00:36:33:23
I don't know, I, I like, keep my distance like a healthy distance, but I'm still like, paying attention and like, seeing what's going on all the time. Yeah. Like I loved going to El Salvador, like Bitcoin Beach.

00:36:33:26 - 00:36:36:09
And you went there, you go there with Athena.

00:36:36:12 - 00:36:56:19
So I went there while I went there by myself. Um, I had brought my girlfriend at the time and I just wanted to, like, go surf there and, like, check it out. And then, and like, buying pupusas with, you know, like bitcoin and stuff and like, going to restaurants and, like, buying food with Bitcoin. I was like, This is awesome.

00:36:56:20 - 00:37:18:04
I was like, This is like, real happening. I was like four years ago. Three, I don't know. Yeah, like three or four years ago, I was doing that and, and then I saw though, and I met like the strike guys down there and I really wanted a bitcoin beach t shirt like that was like, Oh, these are sick.

00:37:18:09 - 00:37:27:07
And then as they're giving me one, they're like, Oh, you're in Miami, Can you give one to Mayor Suarez? I was like, like, I don't know the guy.

00:37:27:09 - 00:37:28:25


00:37:28:27 - 00:37:43:23
And they're like, Dear, just take one and get, get it to him. I was like, okay. So then like when I landed, I deemed him and he like I was like, Hey, I got this shirt from Bitcoin Beach guys, can I, like, bring it over? And he was like, Yeah, come on. Tomorrow.

00:37:43:25 - 00:37:46:08

I was like, Oh.

00:37:46:10 - 00:37:52:19
And then I was like, Is this actually him or is this? And he was like, Yeah, that's me. I was like.

00:37:52:21 - 00:37:53:29
Where did you meet him?

00:37:54:01 - 00:38:03:05
City Hall. He was there, dude. It was crazy because he the two buildings in Surfside had just gone down. I remember when I had.

00:38:03:06 - 00:38:08:11
Oh yeah, I've got some theories on that one. Oh.

00:38:08:14 - 00:38:09:04
Oh, yeah.

00:38:09:04 - 00:38:12:21

Let's yeah.

00:38:12:23 - 00:38:29:09
There is a theory out there. So the theory for those buildings is that John McAfee's dead man switch was located. What was the theory out there? Have you heard this one, Luke? Now, there's a theory that John McAfee's dead man switch was located in that building. They had to take it down.

00:38:29:12 - 00:38:33:18
So John McAfee is not just, like, alive somewhere like in the Caribbean.

00:38:33:18 - 00:38:38:08
He may be, you know, his dead man switching to go off. Why not?

00:38:38:11 - 00:38:41:19
What does a dead man's switch do or what is a dead man's switch?

00:38:41:20 - 00:38:44:05
So if you're worried that the government or somebody is going to.

00:38:44:07 - 00:38:45:00
Take you down, take.

00:38:45:00 - 00:38:46:12
You down, you.

00:38:46:15 - 00:38:48:06
You're going to take to put.

00:38:48:06 - 00:39:00:19
Something. Yeah, you put something on a computer and you say, Hey, if I don't interact with this for X amount of time, like send the emails to the people or do something with the data. Uh.

00:39:00:21 - 00:39:14:16
Uh, well, well, Suarez Just a theory. He was dealing. He was, he was in the middle of all that. He was like, he was in the middle of all that, and he was like, just swing by like 130.

00:39:14:19 - 00:39:15:25

It's like, okay.

00:39:15:28 - 00:39:39:00
I like to show up. I was like, I got to get a picked ID, like, send it to the boys down in El Salvador. And he's like, he's wearing like fire department gear and he's holding up the Bitcoin beach shirt. I have like, it's a great pic. Um, but then I went back with Athena, so, you know, Matty is going horn.

00:39:39:00 - 00:40:07:27
He's like the president now of Athena. He he was like, head of sales or the head of Latin America because they're like a Chicago based company. Yeah. Um, Bitcoin ATMs. Athena And he had, he was like, yeah. Oh, Bitcoin was becoming legal tender in El Salvador, September 7th, I remember. And it was like August, I was just there in May and August rolls around.

00:40:07:27 - 00:40:13:08
I was like, Dude, like, this is cool. What's happening down there? You're like, They're a lot, right?

00:40:13:08 - 00:40:16:06

He's like, he's like, Yeah.

00:40:16:08 - 00:40:29:28
I'm actually like part of the team to, like, help with the Chivo wallet and, like, get businesses down there, like, ready to go and like, he's like, I'm, I need so much help right now. He's like, Actually, can you come down and help me?

00:40:30:00 - 00:40:32:10

I was like, What? It's like, okay.

00:40:32:12 - 00:40:35:15
It's like, can you get on a flight tomorrow? I was like, Yeah.

00:40:35:17 - 00:40:37:14

Let's go. I just.

00:40:37:14 - 00:41:11:09
Like, show up and do this like Airbnb that they, they rent it out and it was like a war room. It was like it was like 12 dudes in this Airbnb and they had all these, like card readers that were like chievo wallet and like government sponsored and like, I have another picture that I'll send you. Logan This is like me at this desk, this table with like the whole, with, like this whole operation of, like people that were like, it was very it felt very cool.

00:41:11:10 - 00:41:30:10
Like, very, like, pull it. I was in with, like the, the whole, like top dogs, like, okay, we're, we're making this happen with bitcoin. It's like we got to get Walmart to be able to accept Bitcoin here and like the McDonald's and like all the everything is going to have to accept bitcoin in four weeks. Like, are you ready?

00:41:30:10 - 00:41:32:10
And I was like, Dude, what are you going to have me to even do?

00:41:32:17 - 00:41:35:16

I don't even know what's going on here.

00:41:35:19 - 00:41:42:18
And they, they just I didn't really know. It was like it was just a madhouse. It was like, seriously mad.

00:41:42:24 - 00:41:48:08
The fact that you were like, I didn't know this until about the fact that you're, like, in the room and all this is.

00:41:48:14 - 00:41:54:27
Like, boo, like brother is like, running this shit. And he's like, walks in the room and, and like, Mitch, he is, is like.

00:41:54:27 - 00:41:57:23

Under the desk, like, no gel. Like.

00:41:57:26 - 00:42:02:20
Like where? And there was like we were getting, like, escorted around and stuff and.

00:42:02:27 - 00:42:03:21
What did you actually do.

00:42:03:21 - 00:42:04:23

So they, you know.

00:42:04:25 - 00:42:22:24
So they wanted me to look like I was like part of the team. They were trying to, like, make their team look like bigger and like, smarter and like, American. I don't know. And like, Mathias was like, we'll figure something out for you to do. Like, maybe you can help us out with, like, the idea of as infrastructure or something, or like, we'll figure something out for you to do.

00:42:22:26 - 00:42:38:07
And after like a day or two of just like, hanging out with them, I was like, I just I don't see what I'm going to do here. Like, I don't know how I'm going to be adding value. Like, this is like, you know, there's it was just kind of a wild, wild West.

00:42:38:10 - 00:42:40:16

And what was I do.

00:42:40:16 - 00:42:42:22
This is some incredible insight into the rollout.

00:42:42:22 - 00:42:43:24

Of dude so.

00:42:43:24 - 00:42:44:29
Oh, elated.

00:42:45:01 - 00:42:49:17
So such incredible such incredible insight that I was like.

00:42:49:19 - 00:42:53:07

How can I how can I make money off this situation?

00:42:53:09 - 00:43:06:02
I was like, Athena was trading on an exchange and the price of Athena was like $0.80.

00:43:06:04 - 00:43:06:21

00:43:06:23 - 00:43:06:28


00:43:06:28 - 00:43:25:16
Myself in trouble. Yeah, no, I because I alt at all and nothing wrong happened. So I actually I was like because they were didn't know how they were going to pay me either. They're like, oh maybe we'll give you shares of the company. I was like, What does this company even worth? So I'm like looking at these filings and like trying to figure understand the business.

00:43:25:16 - 00:43:26:13

00:43:26:15 - 00:43:30:13

And then I was like, You know what? I'm going to buy.

00:43:30:16 - 00:43:57:00
You know, I've been I've been known to option trade for my day. You know, my dad was a broker dealer at the Board of Trade, and I've just been into it. And I was like, yeah, I could buy some of these options on this. Athena stock that's, you know, $0.80. And I bought like $1,000 worth it. And and then I told I told Mathias I was like, Dude, I just like, I just bought some, some Athena stock.

00:43:57:00 - 00:44:16:01
And he was like, he's like, yeah, like, I don't know if that's going to be like, doing it. Like, he was just like, yeah, I don't know about that, that move. And I was like, really like this guy. I was like he was, he talked me out. It he basically, like, made me think like, oh, this is a bad move.

00:44:16:06 - 00:44:37:24
Like I'm and I was like, you know, I'm gonna cash out. I'm just going to get out of this the next day. It's someone leaks that like Athena's, it's on Twitter. Someone leaks like Athena's the one rolling out Chievo wallet in Bitcoin price shoots up to like $30. It would have been worth a lot. And I was just like, Fuck, man.

00:44:37:24 - 00:44:43:18
I felt that was like my shot and yeah.

00:44:43:20 - 00:44:46:04
Unfortunately you couldn't incriminate yourself because you sold.

00:44:46:06 - 00:44:48:00
I did sell.

00:44:48:02 - 00:44:48:23


00:44:48:26 - 00:44:59:08
This is the the weird world of Sean McDonald. I just end up in these places next to Jeremy Shockey in the war room with Buckley's team as they're rolling out that coin.

00:44:59:11 - 00:45:01:27
Yeah, that was. That was crazy.

00:45:02:00 - 00:45:06:02
How do you how do you end up in these situations?

00:45:06:04 - 00:45:17:16
Um, I don't know. I probably just following the curiosity. I feel like that's probably how I ended up there and just, like, willing to, like, kind of go for it.

00:45:17:19 - 00:45:18:09
To send it.

00:45:18:09 - 00:45:19:09
If you will. Yeah, just.

00:45:19:13 - 00:45:20:07


00:45:20:10 - 00:45:23:03
Send it here.

00:45:23:05 - 00:45:26:03
That I did not know that you never told me that story.

00:45:26:05 - 00:45:46:12
Yeah, I'm almost positive I've told you that story. Like, I feel like there's more to it, too. I mean, I still keep in touch with those guys. Like, I shout out Carlos, this guy, he's like an attorney down there. And he was like, Dude, I sent him some salt of the earth. He, like, loves it. It's like, Oh, we got to get this down there.

00:45:46:15 - 00:45:51:28
But like, shipping internationally is like, I don't know.

00:45:52:00 - 00:46:04:21
Let's, let's dive into this, okay? Like, I love this shit to working a lot. It's funny, having known you for 15 years. Yeah, made me room is finally I only found his name here. What's been like starting this company?

00:46:04:24 - 00:46:32:04
This has been super fun. I mean, um, so I have kind of always been into this. Like, I worked at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in high school. It was like, across the street from high school. Barrington It's not there anymore, but it used to be one of their like hubs and so I would do these different, like lab tests and try new flavors and they would analyze my sweat.

00:46:32:04 - 00:46:49:09
And it was kind of just like this weird, you know, side gig that I did for like ten years. It was like always like, hey, like I get an envelope in the mail. That's how or I'd get an email, actually, and they'd say like, Yeah, we got this new ten week study like, Are you available? It pays like 50 bucks an hour.

00:46:49:09 - 00:47:20:00
I was like, always, like, Yeah, yeah, hell yeah. That train is always on time. And then I just was like, failing with my own, you know, with the protein powder and then like, just like, started to do e-commerce stuff the last year on Amazon and I was reselling other brands like I was reselling a lot of shoes, a lot of Nike, Adidas and Puma, New Balance.

00:47:20:03 - 00:47:52:03
And I was like, Man, I want to just sell my own brand. The margins are so much better. And um, kind of went on this like this, like surf sabbatical all last year where I was like, you know, I had this video editing agency that I stumbled upon to where I met Ryan Breslau. He was like my I met him at this party, at this like hackathon party in my at Miami hack week and just like started talking to him and whatever.

00:47:52:03 - 00:48:19:25
And then I like showed him a video that I made for a VC, Atomic Ventures that I was like, I don't know what I was doing. I just made this cool video. It was actually a video of pump and, um. ABRAMS Uh, Abraham, I forget the guy's name, Uh, but it was a video of pump actually, and I showed it to him and I was like, Yo, like, Ryan, do you know anyone that would, like, want videos like this?

00:48:19:27 - 00:48:27:03
And he was like, me, I want these. Like, okay, like how many is like, a lot?

00:48:27:06 - 00:48:29:07

And I'm like, okay.

00:48:29:07 - 00:48:46:10
And again, never had had no experience doing this at all. I was like, okay, well, we can go rent a studio just kind of like this. We just go rent a studio for like an hour and a half. And I would just like talk to him and ask him questions, kind of like a podcast, and he would just like, talk.

00:48:46:10 - 00:49:05:12
And then I, I had a team in the Philippines that were just like, cut it up and animate it and then he would like, share it. And then after he started posting these, I started like getting more clients, like people that were just like, Y'all make those for me. And then, and that that was a business that was 0% interest.

00:49:05:12 - 00:49:30:29
Like everybody had money for that. And then they didn't like I was like, Now this is like the price came way down. The air tools got way more advanced, like so like I had that business going with the shoes and then I was also selling offshore software development people because I just like knew how to code. I just like kind of sucked at it and I was like, I'm better at sales.

00:49:30:29 - 00:49:52:09
I could just get these guys in India or South America or whoever and link them up with companies here in the U.S. and so, yeah, I just kind of like had all these different things going on. And then at the beginning of 2023, I was like, I started this like surf adventure. I was like, okay, I'm going to Costa Rica for a month.

00:49:52:11 - 00:50:13:10
Uh, I'm getting ready to go to this place, the mental wise, in Indonesia. Have you ever, you know, the mental health? So I'm like, I booked this trip with four guys from University of Denver when I went there. Um, and these are like good snowboarders and friends and we all kind of picked up surfing later on and we had just put this trip in the books.

00:50:13:10 - 00:50:35:14
It's kind of like one of those like destination, like bucket list surf trips. I was not prepared. Like I, my skill level was like not there. And so I was like, I'd spent a month in Costa Rica, surf every day. I, like had like this like coach that just like with, like scream at me and like, really, like, really push me hard.

00:50:35:16 - 00:50:52:14
And then after that, I was like, Oh, I'm going to go to Nicaragua. And I actually linked up with Ryan O'Rourke. You remember him? Yeah, he's living. He was living in Santa Teresa. Another guy we played lacrosse with. He was living in Santa Teresa and he was like, Dude, I'm moving to Nicaragua.

00:50:52:19 - 00:50:55:15

I was like, Why? Because I got too crowded here.

00:50:55:17 - 00:51:24:20
And it's too crowded. It's too expensive. Like, I want to go to Nicaragua. So then I went there for a month and I was in this place called Hacienda Iguana, which is like this bubble retirement community that has two world class waves. One's called panga drops and one's called Colorados, Colorado. This is like super famous wave that wasn't working the whole time that I was there, but I was still surfing, paying a drops every day.

00:51:24:22 - 00:51:48:18
So then I go to. Then I go back to Miami. I'm still like doing the shoes thing, but it's just like, kind of like whatever it's like. And then I go to Portugal, surf in Eerie Sierra for a while, check out Nasri, meet up with one of my friends. Then we go to the mental wise, and once we're in the mental wise, it was like, I mean, amazing.

00:51:48:18 - 00:52:14:12
Like heaven is like two weeks of just like we stay at this place called Awara Resort. And, you know, it is like it is like summer camp for adults. You know, you're you wake up at 6 a.m. and was awesome. It's like you're just like with your boys the whole time. You know, it's like you wake up at 6 a.m., have a coffee, and then you get in this boat and the boat takes you to these waves and like, perfect waves.

00:52:14:14 - 00:52:26:09
And you're they're all by yourself with, like, you know, you're dudes and and you got, like, the music in the boat and it's kind of cool or whatever, and you just surf for, like, 3 hours till you're, like, dead. And then you get off, go back.

00:52:26:12 - 00:52:27:10


00:52:27:12 - 00:52:55:17
Go back, do it again for like ten days straight. You just did that. And it was like so it was like, amazing. And you're also eating like, really great food. And while that's happening, I'm like, kind of renting out my my studio in South Beach. The whole time. I had like kind of figured out I was listing my South Beach apartment and, uh, apartments dot com and I was like, getting people like and I was like, okay, yeah, like rent.

00:52:55:19 - 00:53:16:12
I was just like, able to kind of, like, make it, like, swing it. And then when I was in mental wise, some girl was like, I want to book it for two months. I was like, okay, So she books it for two months and I was like, Where am I going to go? Like, And while I was there, everyone's like, You got to go to Bali.

00:53:16:14 - 00:53:39:02
Like, we're here. It's like, close. Like, it's like, it's about to be peak season over there for surfing. Like you got to go. And so I was like, All right, I got to go. So then I find this spot in Bali. I book it like pay for the two months in advance, and then I get there and the girl flakes at the last second that was supposed to rent in spots.

00:53:39:02 - 00:53:40:04

I'm like, fuck.

00:53:40:06 - 00:53:56:23
Like, I'm trying to get out of this now. I'm like and I can't get out of it. I can't get my money back. So I'm like, I just got to eat this and I'm going to stay and make the best of it. And so I'm like, I'm like, I need to start a new business. I'm like, I'm running out of money.

00:53:56:23 - 00:54:30:07
I'm like, I got to start something new. And I was surfing super hard in the morning, like I'd wake up at like six, five, 36, surf for like 2 hours. And then I go to this place by training center. It was like, amazing. Just like, you know, like amazing, good looking people that are working out, sweating heavy. And then after that there's like a restaurant where everyone's, like, hanging out and then go to this place called Santo and there's like an amazing sauna ice bath.

00:54:30:09 - 00:54:54:26
So I do that whole thing, that whole thing by 11 and I'd be done by like 11 and I'd be just dead, like, totally. And I'd be like, okay, try to like I'd go to this co-working space after and try to, like, get some work done on my businesses and stuff. And I just like, had no energy and I was like drinking caffeine and like drinking tons of water in lots of food and like, couldn't, couldn't wake up, like I couldn't get it going.

00:54:54:26 - 00:55:17:08
And then I started to just like, add salt, just like pink Himalayan salt. And I was like waking up. And it just changed everything. Like I was totally a different person. I was able to just like, push through and recover and like, get up and just like, keep going. And so I was like, Man, I'm here. Like, I want to, like, make the best of every single day.

00:55:17:11 - 00:55:55:02
I don't know if I'm ever to come back to this place like, I want to like, I want to surf every day, every morning, like I want to be out there. And, um, so that, yeah, it just like, helped me, like, get through it. And then I was like, I was there and I was like, talking to, you know, different suppliers and started to, like, visit them and like, tweak the formula and just like, really, like, get into it and like, working on, you know, working on the, uh, the packaging and the design and like, going back and forth with like different designers and like people in the Philippines that I knew that were like,

00:55:55:05 - 00:56:18:16
you know, Sri Lanka, like all everyone was like, no one was, you know, I'm the only US based part of this brand really for now. But, um, yeah, I was just like really just hustling to, like, make it happen. And I was starting to take while I was in Bali, I was like, I'm going to start taking preorders.

00:56:18:18 - 00:56:21:28
Like I have the formula kind of like, figured out like halfway.

00:56:21:28 - 00:56:23:15
How did you come up with a formula?

00:56:23:17 - 00:56:59:01
The formula was I wanted to, so I was like looking at Liquid Ivy and Element and I was kind of like, okay, these are like, these are the big boys. And first I was like, Okay, yeah. Liquid Ivy's definitely like the biggest boy. I mean, they, they that founder. I had kind of like, you know, admired his story, heard him talk about how he saw the product being developed, uh, or he saw like pro baseball players drinking Pedialyte and was like, this is kind of like, ridiculous.

00:56:59:01 - 00:57:26:17
We should come up with something different. And, um, he, he just inspired me. And then, but I also really liked the element, guys. I was just like, these guys are. This seems like the more advanced way to do this. Like this. And then in just trying the different products myself, I was like, this is more the, the product that I think makes me feel the best.

00:57:26:19 - 00:57:48:19
Um, like I feel like with Liquid Ivy, there's like all these, like B vitamins and like bunch of bullshit that just, like, doesn't really do anything. It's not like really going to make you feel that much better. Like, the salt is like, you could just do the salt, Like you could just buy pink Himalayan salt in the morning and like, not use this and like, yeah, you know, you'll, you'll feel it.

00:57:48:21 - 00:57:52:01

But it doesn't taste good. What does it do.

00:57:52:04 - 00:58:14:06
The salt really like kind of like pushes water into your cells, like sodium, just like it's kind of like the simplest way I can like, explain it, but, um, yeah, I mean, it's really replacing also just replacing what you lose in sweat, you know, just like how Gatorade always sold it to you.

00:58:14:08 - 00:58:18:23
Yeah. And they like because I've seen you do like the demos of like where you put the thing into.

00:58:18:27 - 00:58:19:25
The metric meter.

00:58:19:25 - 00:58:23:06
Yeah, the metric meter and that. So what's happening there.

00:58:23:08 - 00:58:56:25
So that is a sensor. It's a piece of plastic that's like a straw that's held out by two copper wires and it measures the, the like strength of the charge between the two copper wires. And when there's a stronger electro, uh, like concentration, it's just like a stronger current. It's like, it's just like a stronger charge in your body.

00:58:56:28 - 00:59:13:07
And when I so I saw a friend of mine actually had this metric meter Instagram video that he posted that, like, went super viral. And I was like, Oh, that's so smart. Where he's, like, grounding. He's like, has his feet on the ground.

00:59:13:07 - 00:59:13:29
Yeah, yeah.

00:59:14:02 - 00:59:32:21
And he's like, touching like a tree. And then he like, uses his and it's like, I was like, wow, that's like, like listening to someone talk about grounding is like, very, like hippie dippy. Like, I don't want to hear you, but like, when he pulled that thing out and you're, like, looking at numbers, you're like, Oh, this is like, legit.

00:59:32:23 - 00:59:33:10
So I was like.

00:59:33:10 - 00:59:36:06
I'm a big fan of of gravity. Yeah.

00:59:36:09 - 01:00:03:15
Me too. It's like, kind of weird to say, but like, it's totally legit. It's totally legit. I Mean, I love going out and like, I try to work out on the sand every day if I can. It's like it's the best and like, jump in the ocean. I feel like it's like the best. But when he showed that video, I was like, That is so powerful to like see some numbers, some measurement.

01:00:03:18 - 01:00:13:13
And, you know, you hear you see there's so many comparison videos of like this is how much sugar our product has, this is how much sugar.

01:00:13:13 - 01:00:14:22

Our product has.

01:00:14:22 - 01:00:25:04
You decide and it's like, show me something like, I don't know better than that. Like, that's like the Logan Paul movies and Logan Paul is like, this is.

01:00:25:04 - 01:00:34:19

How much Sugar Prime has, this is how much sugar everybody else gets. It's like, Shut up, their stuff sucks.

01:00:34:22 - 01:00:37:17
You were telling me about what's wrong? A prime. It's got too much.

01:00:37:19 - 01:01:01:15
It's all potassium. There's no sodium. It's like ten milligrams of sodium. And they're like, we have 800 milligrams electrolytes. Yeah, but like, 790 of them are potassium. And that's not like that's not hydrating you. It's not like helping you. Like you don't sweat potassium, like you sweat salt.

01:01:01:17 - 01:01:04:17
So that's what salt of the earth this gets you The.

01:01:04:25 - 01:01:08:00

Salt get you the salt, baby. It's.

01:01:08:03 - 01:01:09:18
Yeah, man.

01:01:09:20 - 01:01:12:24
What's it been like getting this off the ground? It's been.

01:01:12:27 - 01:01:13:07


01:01:13:07 - 01:01:20:25
It's been. You know, I think Elon said this where he's like, you know, because I'll compare myself to Elon.

01:01:20:27 - 01:01:24:03

Uh, he's like.

01:01:24:05 - 01:01:48:02
Entrepreneurship is like staring at a dark hole and, like, eating glass. You're just, I mean, like, I think it's just like, it's always like, uh, fear and euphoria, you know, like some days I'm just like, super high, like, Oh, my God, we just closed all these equinoxes and hotels, and then other days, I'm just like, How am I going to pay my rent?

01:01:48:02 - 01:01:54:08
Like, what am I going to eat? Like, how is this going to work? So, you know, it's.

01:01:54:10 - 01:02:07:27
Well, it seems like it's getting traction. Like that's it's been like I said, that's me first. Like, I'll, I'll try it out and it tastes like shit. And then I was at the gym. I usually take it after my workouts. I'm like, Oh, it does give you that burst of energy.

01:02:07:29 - 01:02:25:00
I mean, I'll tell you, one of the highest I'll tell you the probably the highest I've ever gotten. Like pure euphoria feel was after you tweeted about it and seeing orders come in. I was I was just I was like, yes.

01:02:25:02 - 01:02:31:29

It was like ching, ching, ching, ching. You know, like, oh, my God. Oh, my gosh.

01:02:32:01 - 01:02:34:11
Like adrenaline was like, going.

01:02:34:14 - 01:02:43:13
Well, that's what we're talking about earlier. Like, how do you plan on like, something you had a good product and like, how do we scale it?

01:02:43:16 - 01:02:49:29
You know, I think you just got to drink. And so to Ecom slash TFT.

01:02:50:02 - 01:02:51:12

Just hit that.

01:02:51:12 - 01:03:07:25
But I don't know. I mean, I think I think I could bootstrap it pretty far. Yeah. Like, um, you know, that's, that's, it'd be nice to have this, this conversation in my head a.

01:03:07:25 - 01:03:11:01

Lot where it's like, yeah, just take the whole thing is.

01:03:11:04 - 01:03:25:23
Bootstrap this baby. And then other times I'm like, nice to get like some investment and more people involved. But um, yeah, I don't know, just kind of going with the flow.

01:03:25:25 - 01:03:34:27
Yeah. Yeah. I think you're writing a trend that I think people are really beginning to realize that, oh, maybe we should care about our health and do preventative health.

01:03:34:29 - 01:03:35:11

01:03:35:14 - 01:03:37:17
Hydration is important as hydration important.

01:03:37:19 - 01:03:37:28


01:03:37:28 - 01:04:15:23
Then you know what's important is electrolytes. And, you know, you know this. I mean, first thing you do when you get into ERs, they hit you with the saline solution because you're probably dehydrated. Like 70% of the population is like chronically dehydrated. I mean, it makes it makes sense. I mean, a lot of times I've just noticed in myself, especially like with the fasting stuff, I've realized like, especially in the afternoon for some reason in the afternoon was when I would like, want to just like, eat snacks all, all afternoons.

01:04:15:23 - 01:04:16:16

I had snack.

01:04:16:16 - 01:04:48:15
Time, like, let's just eat whatever. And I kind of realized it's like I'm not even hungry. I'm just like, bored. And I like just by like and then if I'm pref, I'm trying to replace that with water, then I'm just like, have to pee like, all the time. So then when I was like, Now if I just have one of these, I'm not, I'm not hungry, I'm just thirsty is what I've come to realize is that and I feel like that's probably the case with a lot of other people are they're not actually hungry, they're just thirsty.

01:04:48:18 - 01:04:59:06
And it's kind of like disguised as like, Oh, I need to eat. But then like, I mean, you just in five days, no eating. It's like you can do it and like you feel actually pretty good.

01:04:59:08 - 01:05:02:26
Like, yeah, I felt really good last Thursday.

01:05:02:29 - 01:05:05:05
It's like, it's like amazing. Like at two.

01:05:05:05 - 01:05:05:17
30 I.

01:05:05:17 - 01:05:19:14
Was like, scared to do 72 hours because I was like, Oh my, I'm not going to be able to mentally function. I'm going to be like, But I was actually like really sharp, you know, you're kind of like on edge, like.

01:05:19:16 - 01:05:28:01
At the end of day two, you're like, All right, I'm in a groove now. I'm like, used to being hungry. Hanger Hunger pangs go, yeah, yeah.

01:05:28:03 - 01:05:55:11
But yeah, it's like, um, it's changed. Like how I think about fitness and endurance and just like, getting through the day because I think with the natural, like, circadian rhythm of most people, you're kind of like supposed to be kind of feeling like, tired around like 2:00, 3:00, you're kind of like, your body's kind of like, okay, it's time to like.

01:05:55:18 - 01:06:16:00
But then you identify, like, have one of these like 2:00, which I usually do. I'm like, ready to go? I got like, I'm good. I'm like, I don't really need. And it's amazing that it's like also if you jerk in in the morning, like first thing in the morning, which I usually do, is like, sometimes I don't even feel like I need to have coffee.

01:06:16:02 - 01:06:29:19
It's like I'm not actually tired, I'm just dehydrated. That's the other one is like, Wow. Cause I mean, I still love coffee, but I like, I, uh, I drink sad coffee.

01:06:29:22 - 01:06:30:08
What's that?

01:06:30:08 - 01:06:45:11
It's like, that's what my brother's wife calls it. Like, I'll just have a glass of whole milk and, like, instant coffee and, like, maple sirup, and I'll microwave it.

01:06:45:13 - 01:06:48:10
That's disgusting. It's that I said.

01:06:48:13 - 01:06:52:09

It's got.

01:06:52:11 - 01:07:02:20
But it's fast. Like, I'm just like, I don't want to, I don't know. I'm just like, lazy with the drip too. Or like, French press. I probably should just do one of those. But I'm just like.

01:07:02:23 - 01:07:05:26
It takes 5 minutes for a pot of coffee. Yeah.

01:07:05:29 - 01:07:08:24
But now I've just. I've been drinking a lot of milk.

01:07:08:26 - 01:07:09:16
Raw milk.

01:07:09:16 - 01:07:10:11
I wish I.

01:07:10:15 - 01:07:11:00
The raw milk.

01:07:11:01 - 01:07:14:13
I want to get on the raw milk, but I've just been doing the whole.

01:07:14:15 - 01:07:17:23
Whole milk at the raw milk. So a big upgrade.

01:07:17:24 - 01:07:18:17
You get it.

01:07:18:19 - 01:07:32:12
Yeah. They sell it here in Austin. That's how I broke my sensitive, raw milk. Three raw eggs and raw eggs. Yeah. Roll raw eggs. I'm going to Texas to get a southern draw.

01:07:32:14 - 01:07:34:19
And you get the cowboy boots.

01:07:34:22 - 01:07:57:14
And you get the cowboy boots. I need a hat from a deep eddy cabaret, especially a northerner in Texas. Is this. Is this the look of somebody who was transplanted here? Logan All right, drink. So to Taco Slushy, if you want to. 50% off.

01:07:57:19 - 01:08:01:19
Yeah, definitely do that. Yeah.

01:08:01:22 - 01:08:04:06
Anything else we should tell the freaks.

01:08:04:08 - 01:08:07:20
Oh, just talk about, uh, Jack Dorsey story. Yeah.

01:08:07:23 - 01:08:09:29
I think we can end it with the Jack Dorsey story.

01:08:10:05 - 01:08:31:12
All right, So last year, I started that, you know, a surf sabbatical, and I was in Costa Rica, and I. I sat down at dinner, and. And I caught him. I see him at the table next to me, and I'm like, I'm like, looking across the table in my body.

01:08:31:12 - 01:08:39:24

I was like, Y'all, that's Jack Dorsey. He's what's it like, 11, That girl. Oh, my God. Smoke.

01:08:39:27 - 01:09:02:27
And And then, like, nothing happens, Whatever. But then the next day I see him again at this reggae club. I think this place actually down. But like, the whole town goes to this, this reggae club. And so I like, go in and I see him and I was like, with this girl. And I was like.

01:09:02:28 - 01:09:04:12

Oh my God, he's.

01:09:04:15 - 01:09:21:11
And he had like a bunch of cute girls around and like, he had, like, security and he was by like, the exit, you know, he was like, he had his own, like entrance and exit that he, there was like private little corner. And I was like, oh, man, I want to like, just say, What's up to this guy?

01:09:21:13 - 01:09:32:08
Like, I but I don't want to be like, I don't want to be that meme of the guy that's like screaming into the girl's ear, like trying to, like, say, like, yo, like.

01:09:32:10 - 01:09:34:04
There's only 21 million Bitcoin. You got to be.

01:09:34:04 - 01:09:35:29

Like, What's up, dude? You know.

01:09:36:01 - 01:09:56:26
I just I didn't know. I didn't want to, like, do that. It was so loud. So I'm like, How am I even going to talk to this guy? It's like, so fucking loud. And, and so then I'm like, I'm like dancing, like, girl. I'm like, having a good time. I'm like, kind of, like forgetting about it. And then, like, so at some point, she, like, drags me, like, closer to him.

01:09:56:26 - 01:10:18:04
And then at one point I'm like, you know, arm's length away. And I was just like, I got to like, say, What's up? Like, I got to say something and I'm like, thinking of myself. Like, what the hell am I going to say to this guy? And I just like, I just kind of like, leaned in. And at one point I was like, Yo, Jack, love what you're doing for Bitcoin, man.

01:10:18:06 - 01:10:20:00
And he just.

01:10:20:03 - 01:10:22:19

He was like, Yo, thank you, thank you.

01:10:22:22 - 01:10:24:23
I appreciate that. He was like.

01:10:24:26 - 01:10:30:16

Well, what's your name? Like, I'm Sean. He's like, I'm Jack. I was like, Yeah. I was like.

01:10:30:19 - 01:10:59:24
Um, and then like, right after that, he just kind of like he, he like, looked at, like his, like security and like bouncers and just kind of gave him, like, a nod, like, Yo, this guys, this guy's fine. Like, don't fucking kill this guy. And the rest of the night, we're just like, you know, like, shoulder to shoulder, like, he just kind of, like, welcomes me into his, like, circle of of, like, hot babes and, like, we're just, like, shoulder to shoulder dancing like the rest of the night.

01:10:59:24 - 01:11:10:19
It was, like, so awesome. And, uh, yeah, that was it. I didn't get a picture or nothing. I was just like, You got a good story. I got a great story. And it was a great memory. Yeah. Yeah.

01:11:10:22 - 01:11:36:27
Do you live a wildlife, sir? It's funny, coming from your basement apartment in Chicago to, uh, bumping elbows with Jack Dorsey, The this story might be the funniest thing. The fact that you were in the war room in Venezuela the week before the El Salvador. El Salvador, um, before they launched the, uh, the Bitcoin law. Yeah. The fact that you were in that room, my mind.

01:11:36:27 - 01:11:38:03
But I'm happy you were.

01:11:38:05 - 01:11:41:08
Yeah. I don't know what I was doing. I got the picture to prove that you had a lot of stories.

01:11:41:08 - 01:11:47:29
Jeremy Shockey, Athena, Jack Dorsey, Bailey starting a electrolytes company.

01:11:48:01 - 01:11:49:08
Yeah. For the freaks.

01:11:49:10 - 01:11:56:02
For the freaks? Yeah. Some of the earth for the freaks. Drinks, dotcom, slash the FTC peace of love receptacle, liquor.


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