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Are the Elites Stupid or Evil?

Are the Elites Stupid or Evil?

Dec 19, 2023

Are the Elites Stupid or Evil?

In the realm of political discourse and cultural commentary, few figures present as intriguing a trajectory as James Delingpole, the British journalist and host of the "Delingpod" podcast. Known for his unapologetic and often controversial takes on societal issues, Delingpole has undergone a transformation from a mainstream conservative voice to a figure some might label as an outlier in the intellectual landscape.

During a recent episode of "The Tom Woods Show," host Tom Woods and Delingpole engaged in a candid discussion that revealed the depth and nuance of Delingpole's evolving worldview. Their exchange, which covered various topics, from personal anecdotes to the state of academia and the perceived malevolence of ruling elites, provided a rare glimpse into the mind of a man who refuses to be confined by the "index card of allowable opinion."

From Mainstream to Maverick

James Delingpole's journey began as a purveyor of traditional conservative thought, championing limited government and personal responsibility. However, over time, Delingpole's positions intensified, leading him down paths less traveled and toward what he describes as "the heroic journey." His writing, while maintaining its readability, began to delve into more esoteric subject matters, prompting some former admirers to question his trajectory.

This shift hints at a broader, often unspoken, question within political and intellectual circles: are the ruling elites simply well-meaning but misguided individuals, or is there a more insidious agenda at play? Woods and Delingpole discussed the possibility of a coordinated effort to suppress human flourishing, as evidenced by repeated elite obsessions that run counter to the well-being of mankind.

The Perception of Academia and the Political Class

A significant point of agreement between Woods and Delingpole is the corruption and absurdity increasingly evident within academic disciplines. The "replication crisis," in which numerous studies across various fields of science failed to yield the same results upon repetition, serves as a testament to this degeneration. Delingpole does not shy away from suggesting that this intellectual decay may be part of a larger, deliberate scheme to dominate both the physical and mental realms of human existence.

The Heroic Journey and the Search for Truth

Delingpole's search for truth has led him to question the very nature of the political class and their true motivations. He invokes biblical passages from Ephesians and Corinthians to suggest that the battle humanity faces is not merely against flesh and blood but against powerful, dark spiritual forces. In his view, the political elite are but puppets to these forces, with their actions and policies serving a malevolent agenda.

Conspiracy or Coincidence?

The conversation inevitably turned to the topic of conspiracies, a subject both Woods and Delingpole approach with caution and discernment. While acknowledging the presence of outlandish and baseless theories, Delingpole makes a case for the legitimacy of some so-called conspiracy theories, urging listeners to consider the evidence and question the narrative presented by mainstream media and cultural institutions.

The Role of Culture and the Arts

Delingpole laments the decline of beauty and quality in art, music, and literature, attributing it to a concerted effort to cultivate chaos and disarray. He points to the shift from harmonic classical music to atonal compositions, from coherent literature to disjointed modernism, as signs of a cultural agenda aimed at eroding the natural order and traditional values that have long underpinned Western civilization.

The Final Pill: A Quest for Truth and Beauty

In a world steeped in division and deceit, Delingpole identifies himself as a "white pill," a term he aligns with the ultimate realization that truth, beauty, and love are divine manifestations worth pursuing. Despite the challenges and personal sacrifices, his commitment to truth-seeking remains unwavering, grounded in a faith that transcends the temporal power struggles of the earthly realm.

James Delingpole's intellectual odyssey, as explored on "The Tom Woods Show," stands as a testament to the spirit of inquiry and the courage to confront uncomfortable realities. As listeners grapple with the complexities of the modern world, figures like Delingpole offer a reminder that the pursuit of truth is often a solitary but essential path.


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