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Issue #970: Bitcoin has cracked the Top 10 in terms of M1

Issue #970: Bitcoin has cracked the Top 10 in terms of M1

Apr 13, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #970: Bitcoin has cracked the Top 10 in terms of M1

It's a good Tuesday, freaks. We woke up to a new all time high in price, which is always a cool thing to see. What's even cooler though is the fact that the price rise has pushed Bitcoin into the Top 10 global currencies as measured by M1 money stock by surpassing Canada. As I type these words, Bitcoin is hovering at a 1.18T cuck buck market cap, a bit higher than the reported figures in the screenshot above.

via Jameson Lopp

If the upward price momentum continues in the short-term, Spain and Italy will be surpassed in relatively quick order. If the price runs to ~110,000 cuck bucks, France will fall. If it runs past 171,000 cuck bucks this year, as many individuals believe is possible, Bitcoin will sit in the 5th spot, directly behind the United States of America. The significance of this run up the ranks of global currencies cannot be overstated. Uncle Marty told you freaks in late December that the Bitcoin network reached a tipping point in 2020. The network's accelerated climb up the ranks of world base monies that will unfold this year is a continuation of that tipping point.

When bitcoin is sitting directly behind the US Dollar on the list of global base monies it will be extremely hard for naysayers to refute the fact that bitcoin is competing with the Dollar and enjoying great success in that competition. The fact that it went from a white paper to the fifth largest base money on the planet within thirteen years will be an undeniably impressive success story. Having to concede that fact will break many world views and force many to check their priors and rearchitect how they view the world of monetary competition. This will cause them to accept that Bitcoin is here to stay, driving more adoption and accelerating the pace of its climb up the list of global base monies even more. What your Uncle Marty is trying to say is that he thinks this time may be different.

Final thought...

The birds in Austin are aggressive.


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