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Issue #969: Another great bitcoin mining explainer

Issue #969: Another great bitcoin mining explainer

Apr 12, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #969: Another great bitcoin mining explainer

Sup, freaks? Been a long day for your Uncle Marty as he has finally developed the testicle fortitude to get his family, which consists of a 14-month old mini me, on a cross country flight to make the pilgrimage to Austin, Texas. I hear there's a bit of a Bitcoin scene down here. Very excited to check it out.

via AJ Scalia, Galaxy Digital

With that being said, I am pretty washed and want to use lean on someone who wrote a quality piece of content recently so I don't have to force sleep deprived thoughts on you all. AJ Scalia, a Bitcoin mining analyst at Galaxy Digital, wrote an incredible piece on Bitcoin mining over the weekend that I highly recommend you freaks check out if you're interested in learning more about the mining landscape, the different variables that come into play within the mining industry, and how to compare bitcoin to traditional commodities markets. This is a very good piece to compliment Leo Zhang's The Alchemy of Hashpower.

Mining gets a lot of shit in the mainstream for "boiling the oceans", which you freaks know is complete hogwash and a low-effort, low IQ critique thrown at the industry. At the end of the day, Bitcoin's Proof of Work mechanism with a difficulty adjustment that secures the scarcest asset to ever grace the planet is one of the most elegant inventions in human history. Understanding the dynamics at play within the industry that is taking this breakthrough invention and running with it is imperative for anyone who wants to be ahead of the curve. AJ has blessed you all with some content that will help you get there. Peep it.

Final thought...

Zoom doesn't work at 40,000 feet. Lesson learned.


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